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Time for the Naruto update fellas, last night I stopped at chapter 238

Let's start with Tsunade's job application
So this arc was all about recruiting Tsunade as the 5th Hokage as well as Naruto learning the Rasengan.
I mentioned it before but there was that little scuffle between Sasuke and Itachi early in this arc, as a reminder I said that Itachi would fuck up Sasuke's psyche and make him undergo a big change somehow. I'll get back to this shortly

About Tsunade, I think I like her right now. She has an interesting fighting style that is extreme strength and I dig it. I'm always a sucker for punch girls after all. I am very glad that she resisted Orochimaru's deal as well as recovered from her fear of blood. Those are 2 things that would've made liking the character a bit harder. But overall she's a good addition to the story. Definitely like that moment of guts when she took a sword stab for Naruto. Her assistant is a nice fella as well.

Orochimaru, holy shit. I was wrong about Itachi taking over for a bit because god damn Orochimaru got right to business didn't he. To think he would still be such a menace despite not having jutsu is really impressive. Granted, Jiraya was nerfed during that big fight, though I will give overall props to Orochimaru for putting them on the ropes like that.


Thanks to Ol' Jiraya one of my favs, Gamabunta came back. Always nice to see that fella. Also nice to see that his frog sword was the one to deal that final blow to the snake fella. About Jiraya himself he continues to be a very interesting character. I hope we continue to see more of him.


In general, that fight between the 3 great shinobi was pretty sick. Kaiju ninja battle basically. We get to see a proper Rasengan during this battle which was pretty sick as well. I really like Rasengan as a move, very impactful and all that jazz. Even better when they use it on that RAT Kabuto. Hope that felt pretty good ya rat.

Tsunade's backstory was sad and I can see why she has that fear of blood since it's trauma from watching her lover bleed to death. It was nice to see her overcome that and it was also nice to see her accept the 5th Hokage position.

We're now heading to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Eyy Ol' Shikamaru was the only one in the class to get the promotion, that's my boy. It was really interesting how this arc was also his first step as a leader. Personally, I thought he did very well. They did fail to rescue Sasuke sadly, but at the same time no one died and they took out 5 elite Sound Clan members. But I'll get to that a bit later.

I said earlier that Sasuke would have a big change and I guess I was right. It is sad that he basically chose the path of evil though, but hatred is a strong feeling that cuts deep inside. It also basically means that instead of being influenced by Orochimaru like I thought he's gonna straight up to be an apprentice under him. I imagine that Sasuke is gonna learn scary snake moves like Orochimaru has.

This arc was sick and I really liked it, the fights were all entertaining here so I kinda want to go through and talk about them.

@Jaguark101 you were right, Choji is not fat and he is not an anchor. He is a very loyal friend who can truly come through when the going gets tough. That butterfly Chakra was fucking awesome and if he continues to do things like that he could quickly gain a spot on my favs. Really well done to give him some much-needed development.

They're making me like Neji during this arc. He was definitely a big jerk earlier but he's been shining through. My first thought when he used that palm move was that it wasn't going to work due to how spider dude has multiple arms thus more Chakra points. But he did the usual strong skin thing. The injuries that Neji got were fuckin brutal as hell, no wonder they had to get a big ass medical room with seals and stuff to heal him.

Kiba showed some new moves which were nice, I think if his opponent was not 2 guys at once he probably would've properly won. But he tried and showed determination.

Shikamaru once again shows why I like the guy using his brain despite facing a 4v1. Did quite well to corner flute lady in the process. He's definitely a great asset to have on any mission.

The reveal of the Sand Clan coming to help was nice, a good way to show no hard feelings for what happened during the finals of the exam. We got to see some nice moves from them as well. Puppet guy definitely killed that one sound clan member jesus. RIP to most villains or npcs in this story. Like after reading One Piece it's definitely a change to see named characters die like this.


There is that weird bone guy that came into play during this arc, god damn it was really nice to see Lee back in action again. I knew that he would survive the surgery since that's shonen for ya. But I definitely didn't expect him again so soon. And what's even better is that he used...


Fellas one thing you should know about me is that The Legend of the Drunken Master is my top 1 film ever. So when Rock Lee used Drunken Boxing and used the SAME MOVES AS IN THE FILM. I was beyond delighted. Slight shame he couldn't win with that but honestly, it's better if he sticks to the original style. Drunken Boxing was really fun but he probably can't properly access the gates with that. It sadly ruins your focus.

It was nice to see Gaara come in again and save Rock Lee. Lee is too precious and forgave Gaara which was nice. But yea bone guy was a tough mofo and it was a relief that he ended up dying mid-battle cause god damn he would've been trouble down the line.

And now for Naruto vs Sasuke...
I'm guessing this fight is one I should see in the anime...

It was a tragic fight of a friend trying to get through to another friend but sadly failing. Naruto even got hax from 1-Tail mode but it wasn't enough either since Sasuke got Emo mode from Orochimaru. Sasuke has a sad backstory where all he wanted was to be accepted by his father but he will never get that because of Ol' Itachi.

Itachi needs a mint or a chill pill or something cause he's done nothing but traumatizes his little bro for the past few years.

But imma be real honest and say that Sasuke is not too far gone yet despite what he did. He did try to legit kill Naruto a couple times during that fight. But ultimately he didn't because of his own choice. Refusing to kill his closest friend at least keeps him slightly away from the dark path Itachi was one.

He still is with Orochimaru, but he'll come back eventually I'm sure.

Oh yea, Orochimaru took over Green Naruto's body which was something. Looking forward to seeing if he can use his arms or not.

The vibes that I'm getting from the end of that last chapter + "the end of part 1" thing is that we're getting a time skip pretty soon. Main 3 will learn under the 3 great shinobi. Orochimaru needs a couple years to get ready for another body transfer. And itachi's group needs to be ready in a couple of years.

So all 3 main groups will be busy, which means a perfect time for a time skip. All the characters are gonna get new powers and hax and that will be really neat to see.

Naruto is a really fun series and I'm glad that I picked it up

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I love this review :amazing:

Glad you're enjoying it Pot, you're reading fast af. Keep it up! :finally:
So I just did the prologue, really disappointed that the random camp dialogue isn't fully voiced @EtenBoby

Between that and the models, Three Hopes looks a little cheap. Joined Claude though, I wanna save the best (Edelgard) for last instead of rushing to her like the first time.
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An antagonist who doesn't antagonize the MCs isn't great for the finale though. That's what Kaguya more or less was. An outdated idea/concept going against the modern.
Claude line is arguably the worst compared to their original counterparts :josad:
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