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Goffy is weak without g5
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Mihawk v Shanks flashback chapter
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Chapter 1069: Crossing Blades

-Luffy and Lucci clash, Jinbei fights S-Bear.

-Shaka frees the Straw Hats

-Tashigi is seen talking to Smoker

-Cross Guild arrives at Egghead. Mihawk compliments Daz Bones for improved strength, but says he'll leave him behind if necessary.
-Mihawk has come to kill Rob Lucci at the request of a VERY high paying customer

-Daz Bones and Mihawk are ambushed by Aokiji and Shiryu.
-Shiryu tries to sneak attack Mihawk, but gets cut in his chest before moving and blocking
-Aokiji freezes Daz Bones, who then shatters the ice easily with his steel.
-Aokiji scowls and Shiryu sweats and looks scared as Mihawk begins smiling like a vampire and laughing wildly like Gear 5 Luffy
-Daz bones sweats too as CoC leaks from Mihawk. "What kind of bloodlust even is this? He's always so... composed... Has he lost his mind...?"
-Dracule Mihawk: "Deep inside of all of us... there is another self. A monster. A shadow. A beast. Most people are too weak, to control this part of themselves. Many swordsmen, have lost themselves to the blade. Only a select few can become one with the blade, and control that beast. There are currently two other swordsmen in the New World, who possess the potential I have, but, neither are near me, yet. Did you think I was scared of the Marines? That I became a Shichibukai to hide?"
Mihawk transforms in a silhouette, with a terrifying smile and eyes as CoC crushes the ship around them. Aokiji steps in front of Shiryu, and mutters, "Call for back up. We don't have time to deal with someone this strong."
Mihawk with vampire like eyes: "If I lost interest in fighting Akagami no Shanks, why in the hell do you think some weaklings like you would entertain me? That's the reason I stopped fighting the Marines: I grew bored of you"
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