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Wow is this real ?
Hiro have no shame seriously 🤣
Yeah at this point there is no defending him at all especially LMAO! Black Clover started its own "Wano arc" straight after Wano ended too hahaha!

Here's your act 4 @Goodman Grey @CoC: Color of Clowns :

Theres also these from back in the day lol....

"NotShanks" as awesome as he is suprisingly, lost an arm and a leg vs a black dragon called AcnoLOGIA too lol.


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Bayern never treated Nagelsmann seriously. After his first flops there were speculations that Kahn has enough of him:milaugh:
Bayern was really really discret about that, every journalist got the info about the same time Fabrizio drop them. But i got how much time their negociation took (you wont be able to find it , anywhere).

PSG had tuchel on their list with Zidane and Mourinho (Campos choice) but now the card game is not the same,we will see lol.