Chapter 1072 "Battle after Battle"
-Garp attacks Beehive
-Helmeppo clashes with Pizarro,
-Sanjuan Wolf appears, tries to smash Garp
But is easily defeated"
-Cut back to Egghead, SH and Vegapunks arrive at the Sunny
-Zoro is fighting Lucci, who is in awakened form
-Kaku is unconscious on the deck, Stussy is watching from a distance
-brook approaches stuccy
-Arrival of SH disrupts fight between lucci and zoro. Lucci goes after Luffy but is damaged from his previous fight with luffy and current fight with zoro
-Luffy prepares to attack
-however Lucci is smashed out of the way by "that person" Vegapunk called
-Lucci stands up, his arm is clearly broken
-"It's you..."
-Cut to the Gorosei, they're standing on the edge of the Red Line
-"He's coming, that robotic menace!"
-"Does he really think we'll allow him to just run wild?"
-Kuma reachea the top and stands before the Gorosei, hands raised to fight
-Sword Guy Gorosei draws his sword
-"Are you so broken you've forgotten our strength, Tyrant King? We are..."
-Kuma and Sword Guy charge at each other and clash
-"The Gorosei!"