Following the break this week, the informant has provided another valid hint. In One Piece Chapter 1091, Zoro and Kizaru will each have new opponents to face. Sentomarus defeat was as expected


ps. plz some1 double check the translation
Translated by DeepL:
"Following next week's hiatus, the Intelligence Division has given another valid hint that next week's Pirate King 1091 will see Sauron and Yellow Monkey each get a new VS subject. Battle Momomaru's expected defeat!"

Kizaru vs Sauron :nicagesmile:
“After the suspension of publication, the informant also presented a useful effect, 1091 episodes of the pirate king, Sulong and the Yellow Monkey General have a new VS object. Satsumomomaru Compensation”

-Google Translate AKA SasakiKojiro dialect

So based on this tweet it would seem like Sentomaru goes Sulong but then gets defeated by the Yellow Monkey General who fights someone else?
Sentomaru goes Sulong.:snoopy: