@EmperorKinyagi drumz might not have been trolling because usually his baits are to torment his target fanbase, not give them false hope.
But I'm just basing it off my memory
I mean when you look at @DruMzTV's messages, he should be playing 10D chess with future sight to be baiting.

- Drumz yesterday:
do fans believe admirals can use adv. coc?
Really? Not even Kizaru lol.
hmm... i see.
- Drumz today right after Lance rated the chapter "9/10" for Kizaru fans:
Maybe my question from yesterday slowly makes sense
Punching Marco and leaving visible damage for the first time ever in his phoenix state, where even Kizaru failed >>>> Going full zoan and failing to seriously damage or even stop preskip Luffy from saving Ace given a free shot, when Kizaru destroyed Luffy with a casual beam+kick earlier.
Go reread about Marco abilities. What your saying makes no sense. Marco takes damage and is healed. He healed Garp punch too. Garp didn't do jack shit more impressive than Sengoku in MF other than leaking all over the place from a fodder G2