Franky is robbed of a lot of interactions

He didn't try to understand Wano's Ship techniques like their long range canons.

He didn't get Queen's continuous Laser

He didn't interact with Kidd and Killer about their Mechanical stuff like Killer's weapon and the Railgun

He didn't have any meaningful interaction with Vegapunk

Zoro Franky and Chopper are so robbed of anything meaningful that it's frustrating
Mid Piece is a fraud. Lolda is a fraud. Everyone should drop Mid Piece before the ending blows up in their faces.
Mid Piece is a fraud. Lolda is a fraud. Everyone should drop Mid Piece before the ending blows up in their faces.
Nah I'm good, I still enjoy the series and plenty of others also still enjoy it.

Just because you're not enjoying it anymore doesn't mean others should drop the series, I personally don't enjoy MHA anymore but I don't tell those who still enjoy it to drop the series.
If Luffy was a HxH character:

"Due to his upbringing in the mountains, Luffy was in tune with his body. Previously, he had used the rubber properties of his blood vessels, bones, and muscles to enhance his abilities through the Gears system. His first realization came while fighting Enel in Skypiea. He thought that his enemy had misused their fruit's potential. Using the powers of lightning, it would be possible to boost the nervous system and achieve superhuman reflexes. Since he didn't know how to make use of this information, he chose to move on. Following his treatment by Chopper, who had commented on his unusual recovery and ability to bounce back from a brain injury, he had his second realization. Instead of overcharging the nervous system, he could achieve a similar effect by the opposite means. By using his rubbery body as a hose to insulate his neurons, he could make the pre-existing electricity pass through his axons at a much faster rate, effectively inducing a state of hyper-myelination. This technique was vastly superior to overcharging, because it accelerated not only his reflexes, but also his learning and thought process. The subtle implications of his newfound ability were lost on Luffy. It did not strike him as weird that this technique had to be activated by intentional visualization, as opposed to being an innate characteristic of his body. Because of this, and thinking he had stumbled onto his ultimate move, he gave it the name Gear 5. It would be accurate to say that Luffy both underestimated and overestimated his ability. After learning to compensate for his limitations through inventiveness in many battles, he began to unconsciously underestimate the potential of the Gum-Gum fruit. At the same time, he had developed the tendency to overemphasize the importance of new abilities over reviewing everything in ensemble, which had distorted his overall understanding and served to create a self-fulfilling power ceiling. Despite this, Luffy instinctively understood that Gear 5 represented a double-edged weapon in his arsenal. His accelerated learning occurred by subtraction to remove pathways which had been deemed less efficient from entering his conscious mind and dividing his cognitive resources, but this procedure lent itself too well to the creation of plans within a predetermined scheme. The irony that his strongest technique could cut off the underlying branch of creativity that had sustained him was not lost on him. He thought that the solution had to be nothing short of a balancing act. This, too, was a limitation of his own making. Was it possible for unbridled creativity to exist without a catch or an equivalent exchange in return? It would be no exaggeration to say that being able to give the right answer to this question will end up being the determining factor in the race to become the next Pirate King."