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I thought the same since his older brother was very cocky and got killed very early on. I think they mentioned way back then that he was more talent despite being younger, but because we hadn't seen him for so long, I thought he wasn't show up again, so his intro was just so surprising. That was a great "natural" time-skip for him.
Musashi's fight against 70 samurai is also one of the 3 best fights in the series, along with Musashi's duels against Kohei and Inshun imho.
Agreed. the night fight (and earlier skirmishes) against Seijuro is up there too. Before he died, I thought most of the stronger enemies were going to survive and be reccuring antagonists lmafoo.


Second one. He destroyed the entire school. One of the most epic fights
This fight is peak and the art is improving so much throughout the battle.

The nasty behavior of the Yoshioka top brass makes it hard for me to feel any sympathy for these fuckers.
How they planned all this ahead and then ganged up on Musashi is just so low. They're a bunch of sheep who all flock into the same direction and all they care about is "muh yOsHioKa sChoOL rEpUtAtiOn"

Ueda is the worst of them.
I just finished reading Kingdom. Do you guys recommend Vagabond?
How does it compare to kingdom?
Cool..Go for it
Art wise it's better than Kingdom. It has realistic art style .
About plot and story . It based on real time Japanese samurai .
You will get character development as sory progress , really good choreographed sword fights.

Compared to Kingdom it's more realistic be it artstyle , characters , their character development and fights..


✨✨✨𝕾𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝕶𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕲𝖆𝖊𝖑✨✨✨
Vagabond has a lot of philosophy/spirituality other than this, it's realistic mostly.
Some of the character developments are awesome and it has really good fights.

I can't compare it to Kingdom because I don't read this.

Tagging some people who read both @TheKnightOfTheSea etc.
I just finished reading Kingdom. Do you guys recommend Vagabond?
How does it compare to kingdom?
Kingdom primarily focuses on large scale wars between enemy countries, while Vagabond primarily focuses on the struggles and character development of the main character.

Kingdom is less realistic, and has quite a few supernatural elements.

Both have excellent fights and characters.