News Volume 99: pics, information and summaries

kid df name jiki-jiki fruit
so something like magnetic-magnetic fruit
Oda thought he already wrote the name somewhere in the manga and was kinda surprised to see this question, he said he'll put it somewhere next time.

someone asked a question about this

to which Oda tries to get away with saying it's nothing and they should just ignore it

Yamato height 2.63m
age 28
favorite food is Oden and salmon(eating the whole thing raw)

Otoko doesn't know that her biological father is not Yasuie

A question asking if Kaido eats the skin when he eat fishes
Oda said he's the type that would say skin is the best part, and conversion would go like this:
" this fish's skin edible?"
"Yes! I've cleaned the scales for you!"

Oda's Top 3 Gifter design
1, Holdem
2, Hamlet
3, Speed

a question on why there're giraffe smile when Kaku already possess the power, a lot of explanations, I'll jump to the important part
"...lineage factor was taken from currently existing creatures, which means there can't be artificial power users of mythical type, logia and paramecia fruits; that is the limit of scientist Caesar. But, it is said that genius scientist Vegapank is doing researches that have exceeded this field, or not..."
artificial logia and mythical users coming?


It seems have smile fruit information in SBS

Talkop(translation from google)

Reader: Pro Oda, Chapter 978 has a real hit called "FUNK" at the event venue. I thought it was Kaku or Hamlet. Will SMILE reproduce the same ability? And is it okay to repeat with the natural devil fruit ability person?

Oda: Yes. This one. Because SMILE is called "artificial devil fruit", but in fact it is completely different from "devil fruit". Briefly speaking ★Punk Hazard’s “SAD” is a liquid that mixes the blood factors of various animals. ★Dressrosa’s “SMILE” factory allows plants to absorb SAD, and grow up with peculiar patterns. The fruit of ★Hezhi Country Only one tenth of the imported fruit can obtain animal abilities, that is to say, it has nothing to do with the genuine "devil fruit". Therefore, the animal abilities given to the giver will be re-sampled, and the pedigree factor can only be extracted from the existing creatures, so any "phantom beast species", "natural" or "superhuman" abilities cannot be produced. This is the limit of the scientist Caesar. However, the research done by the genius scientist Vegapunk has surpassed the bottleneck in this field... It seems that there is no impossible in his dictionary...

Reader: Oda! Please tell me the difference between "spider fruit" and "worm fruit".

Oda: Insects are "worm fruits", spiders are not insects, so they are "spider fruits".