What Are You Eating Thread

Everyone loves food so why not? Anyway, self explanatory.
1.) Post a picture of what you had today/tonight.
2.) Please indicate breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, include the price $ and ingredients if necessary.

I had this home cooked meal for lunch:

-> Two hard boiled eggs, some fresh green veggies, yellow bell peppers, carrots, chicken breast, and celery. All water boiled.
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made my own pesto sauce (basil, cashews since I had no pine nuts or parmesan cheese, garlic cloves, salt, pepper & extra virgin olive oil) with fresh pasta made from a pasta machine topped with a jalapeno slice (lol)

had this for dinner last week but I remembered to post it today

tasted really good but felt like I put a touch too much of olive oil and it felt extra rich to completely finish, so I had to add some red pepper flakes to balance it out
It’s a pizza. I think God personally created it. I’m always ready to eat it on breakfast, lunch and dinner. My ideal pizza is: a thin base for pizza made according to an Italian dough recipe; garlic cream sauce; thin slices of ham, tomato, mozzarella, pesto sauce, and arugula on top. I really like this version of pizza, or similar. The main thing is to have a thin dough and cream sauce. Then it's perfect for me. Because I was describing my perfect pizza, I already wanted to eat.