Future Events What do you expect from Kidd?

I already said before the fight even began that Luffy and Zoro will be carrying the heavylifting while the rest will scurry for breadcrumbs.

So far, I can safely say that the main fight is going all according to keikaku. :cheers:

He will probably show more now that Luffy is out

If not then Oda hates him
Ashura Zoro is going to rock the world while Luffy recovers. :kata:

That means, Kidd is cheerleading again. :milaugh:
I expect a lot from him! If he is supposed to be the greatest rival of Luffy then he needs to show some G4 lvl strenght, speed, endurance, reactions.
The more you wank and put someone on other lvl, the more we expect some crazy feats. at least katakuri, doflamingo lvl feats!