General & Others What if our world was like the One Piece

Even if you claimed the spot before me I would simply dethrone you :araboss:
I just call dibs on number 2 and get Bonnie's fruit and out live u. :kuzanshut:
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Wait a second I just realized something doesnt india get a massive advantage since Oda has said Fishman are Indian.
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Well I guess that's a buff for Asia as a whole in this scenario
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"One controls entirety of Asia and one controls Russia + ex-Soviet countries".

So who's going to tell this bloke that most of Russia is in Asia along with the majority of the ex-Soviet nations?
It would be horrifying to live in a world where the government only cares about pandering to the whims of a few elites at the expense of the greater population
...i'm tend to be lucky with the stuff i meet along the way so i'd stumble upon the Will Will Fruit, the ability to control the will of anything i choose, and i'll make easy harem life from there. No need to be top 1 tho i'll just control the officers in my village or something not to disturb me.
Like imagine that instead of governments our world was controlled by crime syndicates headed by brutal crime lords similar to the Yonko and each one of them controls a chunk of the world.

One of them controls the entirety of Asia, another one controls Europe and the two Americas, one controls Russia and the former Soviet states and one controls Africa and they rule like emperors while installing puppet governments in the countries of the areas they controls who pay tribute money in exchange for protection.

I think such a world would be more interesting than the real one

Members of the syndicate can use haki and devil fruits so weapons like tanks, aircrafts and rockets wouldn’t do shit to them
i wish we could just solve our shitty governments by beating the fuck out of them