Character Discussion Which Of These 3 would've been the Best candidate for Strawhat?


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Wyper would have needed to be softened up just like Jinbe was since the start of the Post-TS, and that would be awful. He had not a single ounce of comedy or humor during his role in Skypiea and he was portrayed as an equal to Luffy in terms of willpower, so him doing the Enel face or something would be shameful for his character. Leave him to be the Luffy of the Sky Islands.

Paulie however already had plenty of comedy incorporated into his character and Franky has been such a non-character in all of TS (with his almost non-reaction to fucking Pluton being in fucking Wano being the lowest point) that him being replaced wouldn't subtract that much about the story.

So definitely Paulie.
It's Paulie

Gin only interacted with sanji really.

Wiper whilst the coolest of them all does not fit with the crew and is too similar to zoro

Paulie was literally thought to be a strawhat pre franky
Wyper without a doubt.

Gin doesn't make sense because he is already from a crew and we already got Sanji in that arc.

Paulie doesn't make sense because we got Franky that is a better shipwrighter than him.

So we could have Wyper that has ancient knowledge in a different way from Robin and we didn't recruited anyway at Jaya/Skypea.