Questions & Mysteries Why don't the Gorosei have names yet?

Why don't the Gorosei have names?

  • To emphasize they are a hivemind and not individuals.

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • There is some recognizable lineages among their names.

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • Their names are part of a plot twist.

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Other

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The Five Elders are the oldest unnamed significant characters in the series, and they are pretty much alone in this regard. Im-sama only entered the story recently and that may already be a name. Everyone else got theirs long ago. Background characters get them in databooks. Yet the Five Elders, some of the most important characters in the series, have been around since Chapter 233 with multiple appearances after every major event and are still only addressed by their group title. It's not like they are quintuplet lookalikes who all share one name or no name, or are they?

No individual infoboxes.
No databook names.
No SBS entry naming them.
Not even joke names, their names are serious business.
Even now people have to describe their physical appearances and real-life inspirations because there is no other way to distinguish these five.

Oda has gone out of his way to deliberately hide their identities rather than make something up for nearly two decades. Why do you think this is the case?


Oda's accuser
Maybe actually they don't have names

Imagine how hilarious that would be nakama. Professionalism to its finest.

So I'd roll option 1 in the poll.

Garp the Fist

All three options could be right, tbh.

Up until now they're an amorphous, charisma less blob. They don't need to be humanised with names because they're barely human, they're the uncaring World Gov personified. The only time we've ever really seen them show more emotion than mild irritation is when Clover revealed just how much they had been able to discover about the Voud Century. (Speaking of which, with all the new revelations about Poneglyphs we've had since Zou, that's something Oda really needs to touch on. How on earth did Ohara manage to find out so much? Was Robin's mysterious father in contact with Roger?)

So I think that when the truth about Raftel comes out, they'll start becoming more recognisable characters, we'll get more of their motivations (and it won't be a really simple World Gov= bad stuff, it'll be nuanced) and there will probably be some twists with their names relating to what we learned about the Void Century, and maybe present day characters.

Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
I feel both the first and third options are possible to likely. So far we only know them as the Five Elders because that’s all we NEED to know about the mysterious leaders of the incredibly secretive/deceptive World Government. Once we learn more about them as individuals, it’ll mean their operation is crumbling and they’re forced to reveal their true selves before Luffy and/or his allies take them down on their way to Im.