Anime & Manga Zoro have small package

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zoro was a guy who acts tough who happens to be small , :hihihi:
what is the proof surrounding this serious masculinity degradation? this is an important topic because we as his fans think masculinity and badassery the only thing revolves around his character. seriously what are the hints?

he gets Panic when a girl flirts or interact with him we've seen that with hiori, even with other women who happens to have interact with zoro, perona, tashigi etc,
zoro is uncomfortable around them, he also appeared angry when he found out hiori did slept beside him, probably he was nervous that hiori find out his real size? :perocry:

He was Hesitant to attack and harm naked men, this is a confirmation zoro is intimidate to them becaue he is smaller than them, they are weak but sports bigger package,

zoro is obsess with swords, he wanted the best one, this he can compensate to the low quality he have.

Luffy is the best captain for him, we know why,

Oda drew zoro with gomu gomu, a hints to solve zoro personal problem about his manhood?

small D* energy :finally:
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