Versus Battle Zoro (OP) vs Beru (DBS)

Who would win ?

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In chapter 1009, Santoryu Zoro blocked, without using any technique, a combined Yonko attack named "Hakai" which were meant to kill all of the Supernovas in one blow.
We can find 3 meanings to "Hakai", one of them is "destroy" ... just like Beru's Hakai does.
He can turn to dust anyone who he touches unless they apply some form of barrier like Zoro did with his massive wall of haki.

But there's more to it. If Beru is considered as the embodiment of destruction itself, it's also the case of Zoro's strongest technique : "Kiki Kyūtōryū Ashura". It's inspired from overwhelming beings in buddhism mythology who gain their destructive powers through asceticism (attempting to shed the physical form via bodily neglect, IE fasting to the point of starvation, therefore enduring pains and self-sacrifice).
One of the 2 attacks shown by "Kiki Kyūtōryū Ashura" is "Ichibugin" which can turn to mist (similar to dust) powerful blows like Kaku's strongest Rankyaku.
The way Zoro blocked, in base form, Kaido & Big Mom's "Hakai" kinda looks like what he did to Kaku's Rankyaku. So I'm pretty sure that Ashura Zoro is able to destroy it (but not easily).

In conclusion, Ashura Zoro would have no problem to nullify Beru's "Hakai" and might push him to extreme diff (since there's so many things we don't know about "Kiki Kyūtōryū Ashura") ➡️ Ashura Zoro ≥ Beru
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