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    Questions & Mysteries For how long have you been following OP?

    1: 2004 Episode 207 (maybe even before). I lived in Japan and OP aired at night that time right after Kochi Kame. 2: I've got very interested in it's characters, humor, plot, world building and mysteries. Water 7 Saga remains as pinnacle of Oda's writing. 3: Same as question 2^
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    Anyone can speak or understand japanese?

    I've learned and can speak japanese. This makes reading raw scans and watching subs far more entertaining and immersive than paying attention to subs or watching for mistranslations. Anyone here can speak japanese?
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    What happened to TLoO?

    What happened that Arthur hadn't updated his page ever since Chapter 1016? Did Shueisha shut it down for copyrights and leaking scans?
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    Versus Battle BOS Vongola Famiglia runs BOS OP gauntlet

    Scenario 1: Daily Life/Kokuyo Arc Tsuna Gokudera Yamamoto Hibari Ryohei Bianchi Lambo Ipin Scenario 2: Varia Arc Tsuna Gokudera Yamamoto Hibari Rokudo Mukuro Ryohei 25 year old Lambo(no time limit) VS Warm-Up: Free Shells Town from Axe handed Morgan Round 1: Defeat the Buggy Pirates at...
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    Versus Battle Boa Hancock vs Jiraiya

    VS Scenario 1: In character Scenario 2: Bloodlusted(No personality motivated feelings/CIS) Extra: Sanji and Roshi joins peeking her bathing. Same rules/motivation as S1 The fight takes place in Amazon Lily Can Jiraiya get the Frog Sound on her before being stoned?
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    Thoughts regarding Pluton and Arsenal Gear

    Pluton is a large battleship built in Water 7 during the Void Century. Pluton was said by Crocodile to be the strongest Ancient Weapon, capable of obliterating islands with a single round. People who build passed the blueprints to new generation of shipwrights to build a "countermeasure" in such...
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    Thank you for welcoming me

    Thank you for welcoming me