Thoughts regarding Pluton and Arsenal Gear

Pluton is a large battleship built in Water 7 during the Void Century. Pluton was said by Crocodile to be the strongest Ancient Weapon, capable of obliterating islands with a single round. People who build passed the blueprints to new generation of shipwrights to build a "countermeasure" in such case the original Pluton fell into wrong hands.

Arsenal Gear is a submersible fortress built to be the "Ultimate Metal Gear". Unlike regular Metal Gears, Arsenal isn't a bipedal nuclear platform but a impregnable submersible fortress housing the AI GW. Carrying thousand missiles incluing nuclear weapons and protected by Metal Gear RAYs. Through GW Arsenal has access to Military Tactical Network giving control over entire US Military(incluing nuclear weapons), information control and economy, Arsenal was designed to be the "core" of United States.

Pluton was first mentioned by Crocodile on Chapter 192 released on 23/06/2001 just 5 months before the release of MGS2(with both Alabasta Saga and the development of MGS2 starting in 1999).

Both Pluton and Arsenal are regarded as supreme warships of both series, with Pluton being a ship of great destruction we're yet to see, and Arsenal a submersible fortress carrying thousands of ordnance, holding control over US nuclear arsenal and global information control.