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    Who's gonna die next?

    Me who voted sou ou : :shame::suresure:
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    Break Week Is shichibukai created solely to stop Mihawk from rampaging?

    mihawk fans living in another dimension chapter 9878453132 they created this system after roger death due to the rise of pirates duh
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Ousen commander is dying this arc?

    Damn I didn't predict akou dying
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    Future Events The revolutionaries will be hyperbola for Imu and the God Knights

    "led by Akainu will revolt against the world government." :saden:
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    rip akou :crybeard:
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    General & Others How did Shanks>Mihawk become so popular?

    nope shanks > mihawk is the basis when you the story then a minority on internet try to push mihawk > shanks for agenda shanks > mihawk was, is and will always be much bigger than mihawk > shanks because it's the truth