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    Questions & Mysteries How far would Luffy have gone without Zoro??

    Luffy give up pirate king dream and join the navy and beat up IMU as marine and become king of the world. ‘Everyone live happy after that The End Zoro magical found one piece and is not laughing as overhype treasure by Roger.
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    Controversial Jiren vs Kaido - who was the better antagonist?

    Jiren doesn’t cry when someone hurt him , or bleed to fodder like kaiod to kinemon. Even ultra instinct goku can’t make Jiren a joke and Jiren literally overpowered him in beam struggle. Kaido lost to luffy in fist struggle. Jiren neg diff kaido no matter what advanced coc wanker goes by...
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    Break Week Aramaki broke Shanks' character

    Shanks being hypocritical is nothing news . ‘Luffy did beat up wounded don krieg and shanks say nothing to his golden boy.
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    so Japanese fans doesn’t think xebec or IMU is on list ? ‘Man the list is bull crap ‘Well oda will do opposite
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    Stop listen to one piece YouTuber then you will not feel disappointed when it doesn’t happen.
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    Will Admiral Fans Jump Ship To Gorosei?

    why I should care 5 old men . I always favor admirals over gorsei . The old farts can play political games while Akainu fight luffy .
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    General & Others People forgive how Oda got rid of Kaido and Big mom too easily

    That is supposed oda planned from start since his original palm to have four emperors from start of manga and end in 5 years . No zoro in luffy crew , no warlords, no admirals, no supernovas exists in Oda original plan .
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    Lmao he didn’t even died . ‘By your logic smoker nearly died by vergo who got half body . Heck Kuzan got ice body shatter by jozu sneak attack yet suffer lip bleed .
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    That funny Aramaki didn’t even bleed from Momo breath . ‘It is no different from Momo hitting kaido butt which he scream in pain .
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    The suicide part from greenbull is funny . Only one piece character have suicidal thing is kaido. ‘Both have similar view as might is right , strong rule over weak . Except one love celestial dragons and other hate celestial dragons. Both willing use violence at first thing . Is oda is trying...
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Clone Wars

    The evil greenbull lol by fanmade @EmperorKinyagi
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    Controversial Who is better: Batman or Spider-man?

    By movies I watch on theses character , I choose spider-man
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    Questions & Mysteries Why didn't Imu use that lulusia erasing attack vs Big Mom, Kaido and other yonkos???

    It is same question why Admrials does not kill yonko because gorsei want yonko alive for power balance . ‘Gorsei and IMU don’t want to get busted . Gorsei are paying Admirals. to do their jobs.
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    Chapter Discussion Official Viz Translation: Ryokugyu Neg Diffed Weevil

    People struggle to accept greenbull beat weevil easily because it make big mom and kaido look weak . ‘Before thst people are literally think weevil is admiral level or low top tier . ‘Weevil is age 35 years old and his strength is compare to young Whitebeard. ‘Who heck compare 10 years guy to 35...
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    Character Discussion Gorosei being Monsters would be a disastrous final blow to Yonkobros.

    well if gorsei are top tiers, they would beat rock xebec and his crew themselves, amd would not need to call navy to fight sabo,and his friends . Lmao yonko fans saying, oda would make biggest war and make everyone and their mother shave island feats causal like nothing . Nuke everything . It...