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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

    nah i refuse to believe that oda wants a serious 2vs1 :eeke: if oda really wants it is the end of themarines and the gorosei :crazwhat: papazuki will be the only hope :quest: or maybe only im sama will save marine's and WG's ass :quest:
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    Powers & Abilities Ranking The Devil Fruit Types

    1 Mythical zoan / Logia 2 Logia / Mythical zoan 3 Paramecia 4 Ancient Zoan 5 Zoan
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    Theory Teach is truly a Buccaneer-theory.

    Son of xebec and member of the Marshall D family:kata:
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    Break Week Sanji actions vs Zoro actions in EG , which one is better ?

    Sanji and Zoro is not even close it's obvious that Oda has noticed that he wanked Zoro too much in the past arcs now he is wanking Sanji and it's ok
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    Current Events Official Translation: It’s Zorover

    B b b b b ut Zoro Is stronger :steef:
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    Current Events Official Translation: It’s Zorover

    Zoroboys are u happy now? Mihawk is his master after all Vista trauma is still alive in Mihawk's heart Now Zoro Is officially on his level :finally::finally:
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    General & Others With last chapter, can we say Blackbeard is final villain ?

    No but teach >>>>>>>>>>>> im teach is the perfect final villain and sadly we will have im instead
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    Chapter Discussion Sanji vs Kizaru

    We can only hope for a mid diff fight Or an high diff fight against Saturn because Saturn for now is disappointing
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    Episode Discussion About the episode 1093

    u are talking about the future usopp's fight i think that is more than enough to understand how much stupid is toei with fillers
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    Powers & Abilities Why Zoro Is Not Using KOH Against Lucci Now When He Was Earlier

    Oda can't write a decent fight since WCI :pepecafe:
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    Current Events Luffy captured and Zoro vs Kizaru confirmed

    And here we are, Nika is ready for round 2 against Kizaru or Saturn while Zoro can't low diff Lucci :finally:
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    Theory Sanji's Performance on Egghead and why/how he has been holding back!

    He saw the future :crazwhat: chad sanji has arrived :araboss: