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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1113 Spoilers Discussion

    Daz Bonez would fodderize Red King
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    Theory Kid will play a crucial role in the revival of the ancient kingdom

    Eustasa kid About to be Fifth Yonko
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    Speculations Usopp will kill 2 Gorosei

    Ussop got explosives
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    General & Others Would The Navy Have To Send An Admiral After Franky?

    Yeah Red King was an admiral candidate they would definitely send an admiral
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1112 Spoilers Discussion

    Red King is five chins to the max
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    Theory Shanks = Figarland Earth, “the 6th gorosei”

    That is actually Rockstar he goes down in the ground to attack his opponents
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    Break Week Blackbeard's crew are NOT rocks' successors, STRAWHATS ARE

    Vasco Shot is pretty strong so is Burgess and Aokiji
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    General & Others Thoughts On Oda’s Cross Guild Idea?

    Yeah the underworld should have some top tiers of their own
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    What got you into reading Kingdom? And do you recommend it to other people?

    I remember reading Kingdom back in the day When Shin kill those bandits
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    Break Week Zoro instead of Crocodile

    Crocodile has the west blue five families, drug lords, Bald dinosaurs and stuff
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    Speculations Who will fight/defeat Garling?

    @Shiroyru Bald Boy Bongo, Red king(Vice Admirals With Chins), Bustass BId, Zoro Uncle and Bob Mars