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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1115 Spoilers Discussion

    Welcome to Worstgen forum. 1 panel of Zoro/Sanji clashing with someone -> 400 pages discussion Lore chapter -> 🗿
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1115 Spoilers Discussion

    It's because One Piece is out there since 1997. Everything has already been theorized lol
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1115 Spoilers Discussion

    Yeah, I agree
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    Naruto vs Sasuke

    That Naruto had all the Tailed Beasts in him, stop the cap and the Naruto wank. Full power Sasuke obviously neg diff no Kyuubi Naruto.
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    Naruto vs Sasuke

    Anime filler. In the manga, we only saw 1 panel of Asura with Six Paths Avatar vs Indra Perfect Susano'o. Naruto without Kurama loses badly.
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    Naruto vs Sasuke

    Strange question with a easy answer: Sasuke stomps. Sage mode isn't enough to keep up with all Sasuke's powers -> one Perfect Susanoo slash and it's over. Even simple Amaterasu can do the job without the Kyuubi's chakra cloak as a shield for Naruto's body.
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    Spoiler One Piecr Chapter 1114 Spoiler Discussion

    Nika Piece :willight:
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    Future Events Megumi should get an even bigger boost than Yuji got from having his body piloted by Sukuna

    For sure he will be a lot stronger when he'll break free from Sukuna. Possibly him and Yuji will beat Sukuna in the end, similar to Meliodas and Ban vs the Demon's King in The Seven Deadly Sins.
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    Controversial What's the biggest disappointment you've ever suffered in One Piece?

    Sanji not having a proper 1vs1 in his own saga (Whole Cake).
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    Anime & Manga The Manchester City's coronation waiting room

    Any chance of getting spoiler this week?
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    Character Discussion Is Sanji the SECOND most impressive Strawhat after Luffy this arc?

    - The only one of the M3 that went 1vs1 against a Seraphim (tanking his fishman karate fist with his bare face smiling) :jinbewat::sanmoji: - barely any damage against Saturn hax, then proceded to deflect his attack:sanmoji::saturn: - the only person in history to cancel out a laser beam...
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    One Piece Chapter 1113: "Stalemate"

    Nusjuro post Egghead:
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    JJK 258 Spoilers

    I honestly like this character. A simple man that does his duty within his possibilities.
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    One Piece Chapter 1113: "Stalemate"

    EoS Egghead :cryabit: