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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1086 Spoilers Discussion

    This chapter it seems gonna be an absolute banger
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    Current Events Imu is either Lili or someone related to her.

    Probably Imu made lili perform the immortal operation on him.
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    Future Events Nerona Imu or BlackBeard D. Teach for the FV?

    Akainu has a greater chance of becoming the final villain then bb. Imu all the way
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    One Piece - Chapter 1084: The attempted murder of a Celestial Dragon

    Well Imu is interested in neferatiri family. With Imu looking at vivi's picture back then. Now coming in front of king cobra after hearing about lili. Lili might be Imu.( There are some other evidences in this chapter already pointing in that direction). But if Imu is lili then why would lili...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who are the Holy Knights?

    Celestial dragons but trained in combat, politics and administration. Future Gorosei Candidate
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    One Piece - Chapter 1083: The Truth About That Day

    Karasu is the real deal of revolutionary army. Attacked a CD. Took out cp agents. Freed slaves. Attacked admiral without even breaking a sweat.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers Discussion

    Shanks being a double agent would be nice
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    Powers & Abilities Cross Guild can't only rely on Mihawk for strength

    Cross guild is a recognised yonko crew because of the navy is under the impression that buggy is supremely competent power house of a man who got mihawk and croc bend their knees to him. Mihawk is seen as a very strong dude. So is croco. If that wasn't enough many impeldown escapees with high...
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    One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

    I have temporarily sold my stocks on that regard and joined blackbeard supremacy (or whosoever is gonna kill shanks)
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    One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

    The difference between buggy and croc-hawk: Buggy is inspiring Croc-hawk duo are conspiring
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    Character Discussion Eustass 'Captain' Kid - Keep on rollin'

    Pantheos, if only I was as hopeful as you..... Keep the good fight going. I respect the grind. You truly have a conquerors spirit
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    Character Discussion Explaining why Kidd is a good character

    He wasn't betrayed by his fandom. He was betrayed by his creator, Oda
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    Future Events Kid will come back stronger

    Hey I would not be salty if I didn't check oda's past track record regarding kid. Lost his hand, got betrayed by his alliance partner,kaido jumps him, beats him up and he gets imprisoned, killer eats a defective df, tortured by queen, Hawkins intervention during his fight against big mom (it...
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    Future Events Kid will come back stronger

    Kid seems to be the anti plot armour character in the story. Heck many call him the luffy without plot armour. He comes back no doubt oda will clown him more.