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    Chapter Discussion One Punch Man 156

    The past few OPM chapters were fire and this one is no different :datas:. Also liking the plot with God a lot. Would be funny as hell if God tries to give KING its power next but gets turned down by him as well
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    Average Worstgen member waiting for spoilers/next chap (colorized).
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    One Punch Man Chapter 154.5 : Results

    What a chapter :finally: so much hype and beautiful panels. Flashy flash now almost as strong as Raizo and Fukurokuju :lumazed:
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    Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak chapter 1!

    Thanks for the tag, I've read it thrice already by now. Loved to see Hol, Boingo, Mariah :blush: and Josuke back and the homage it payed to the third part. Can't wait to read the rest of them although we all know what eventually will transpire: Boingo obtains the arrow and awakens Tohth Requiem
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    *Say the line Jotaro:neesama: Jotaro: Star Platinum, Za Warudo!! Toki wo tomare :steef::steef:
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    Black Clover - Chapter 316 - Slash of the Unchosen

    We still have 30 minutes of union mode left, so I guess the fight isn't over yet or it was (very) underwhelming :jay-he:.
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    Spoiler General One Punch Man Spoilers

    KING was just about to do his attack but of course Garou had to show off and blitz his opponents:specialmeh:....... Needless to say the last few OPM chapters were awesome and I'm stoked to see what's more to come
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    Black Clover - Chapter 313 - The Captain of the Black Bulls

    NO denying these read like some Yami death flags and the way Nacht is sitting alone on top doesn't help either. We'll see what happens next few chaps when Lucifero emerges. Morris was a disappointment, all talk no play and getting offscreened like that :whitepress: 1636988944 And Megicula
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    Versus Battle Platinum Sperm vs Golden Sperm

    Just as the others think, I too think that PS is a lot stronger than GS than just 1/5. If numbers were the deciding factors, I would have expected black sperm to split more before merging
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    One Punch Man Chapter 152 : Check

    KING said "Look under your feet" and a few panels later Zombieman attacked Homeless Emperor from below. The man is living 5 dimensions ahead of us :smart::smart:
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    Spoiler General One Punch Man Spoilers

    Plat sperm hype :stealthblack::stealthblack: But lets not forget that KING can block his attacks with his right hand alone
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    General & Others Who is the 4th Zogratis sibling?

    But I thought that is, just like e.g. Healing or Creation magic, not a real magic attribute. Might be wrong here tho
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    General & Others Who is the 4th Zogratis sibling?

    Although I personally don't expect Julius to be the fourth sibling, it is worth noticing that in the case he would be: he would have his own innate magic which we haven't seen before:zorothink:. Assuming of course that he has a contract with the time devil.
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    Black Clover - Chapter 311 - Make it Home Alive

    Nice transition chap. Curious to see if and how the other BB have gotten stronger. Although I still expect them to last (half) a chapter before getting bodied
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    One punch man 151: The Greastest Obstacle

    KING :finally::finally: