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    Chapter Discussion Endless Ls COPIUM after 1086

    CD's rarely leaves Mariejoa I don't think someone bar the confirmed ones saw even less likely Saw them fighting
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    Character Discussion Is Sengoku actually a "good marine"

    Garp is a good Marine He refused to be an Admiral because he didn't want to serve CD's Saved Ace when he wasn't forced to do Sengoku should have rejected to be Admiral for sure but saying he's bad is too much Their primary goal is to serve civilians and protect them for Pirates who just...
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    Speculations Who will Kizaru and Saturn fight?

    I don't see Saturn fighting as Gorosei more looks like political figure for marines so they will prevent him to fight But if he does it will be Luffy for sure As for Kizaru a few Sh's (that's why lightning gloves were introduced) against him looks a good choice or Luffy alone if Saturn don't fight
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    General & Others SHs relevance to the plot till 1085

    Only Luffy and Robin are relevant Franky, jimbei High chances (Pluton and Joyboy's oath to Fishman) Sanji maybe but low chances Rest irrelevant bar from fighting
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    General & Others Overall Which of These 3 is the Best Fight?

    Luffy vs Kaido before G5 should be in the list Chapter 1040 Ish were better than Zoro vs King (which was average in the manga) I guess Anime + recency bias is a thing even in WG unfortunately
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    Speculations Zoro is the only one who can...

    Either you can't read/understand images or you skipped the whole Luffy vs Kaido :gokulaugh:
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    General & Others The holy knights feels like DLC characters that was added at the last minute

    What's point to introduce a faction late in the story if you don't use it ?
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    Character Discussion Why I no longer like Dracule Mihawk.

    Empty character since the beginning only good for edgelord kids (just look at why you loved him) no plot relevancy his sole purpose is to be defeated by Zoro Not even counting the fact that nothing prevent him to fight non swordsmans
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    Chapter Discussion Mihawk isn’t a fraud

    It isn't my editn also.both Sanji and Zidane are french
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    Chapter Discussion Mihawk isn’t a fraud

    It's an edit originally it was Zidane one of the greatest french football player No one hypes Younko to be far above others Younko Only swordswallowers does that
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    Chapter Discussion Mihawk isn’t a fraud

    Cope I'm not a Sanji fan
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    Chapter Discussion Mihawk isn’t a fraud

    Fraud if you are one of those swordswallowers who believes he can high diff or less each Yonko Good reminder from Oda
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Charachter has lost the most Blood in the Show so far (Pre and Post Ts in Total)

    In one time probably Sanji Cumulated Luffy just look at what he Lost in Impel Down
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    Character Discussion Is Zoro even dumber or smarter than we think?

    Maybe he can activate CoC only when he gives everything to Enma as he did against King Which means he can't use CoC without Enma at least not intentionnally As he still can't control Enma he avoids to use it at full power in order to not die
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    Character Discussion Why is Oda shitting on Luffy?

    If he was using just G5 (with basic CoA) he would neg by turning them into rubber as he did against Kaido and the arc would be over