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    Speculations Monster Trio Bounty after Egghead

    :snoopy: Is this a possibility? really?
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Purgatory

    Kid annihilates Shank's army? :crazwhat:
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    Character Discussion How can people actually like Coby???

    People don't like, some just pretend
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    Chapter Discussion Sanji's scene was cool but...

    Vinsmoke brothers stronger than seraphims confirmed
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    Character Discussion Is Zoro even dumber or smarter than we think?

    He can't oneshot But he's dumb anyway
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    Chapter Discussion Power of Love

    It is certainly stronger than sanji's offscreen kick that bent yonji
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    Chapter Discussion Power of Love

    Are you saying that Sanji's siblings can all no-sell seraphim attack? Because they all have the same exoskeleton.
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    Chapter Discussion Power of Love

    It was already teased that Sanji's flames become stronger due to his emotions beside this assumption being relatively vague, but seems like Oda is now effectively making this part of Sanji's fighting power. This panel is simply absurd, this is just bullshit or Sanji really gets times and...
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    One Piece Chapter 1,078: " Escape Limit "

    Why is Oda making Sanji so badass while Luffy's group looks like a bunch of lost clowns? lmao
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    Controversial Is leaving everything vague good writing?

    Garbage writing Oda doesn't know the answers of his own mysteries or he's afraid of reveal them because he teased so much but in the end it must be nothing impressive.
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    Character Discussion Alber is pathetic

    He did absolutely nothing relevant the whole raid He don't have any W He's firstmate but got paired with Queen the clown Queen has better feats than him
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    Speculations How good are these fake spoilers?

    From this line, too much things happen for an one piece chapter, making it too fake even for a fake spoiler.
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    Speculations How good are these fake spoilers?

    It became cringe by the fourth line
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    General & Others Sanji is a gag character not meant to be among the strongest

    Imagine complaining about goofiness in one piece
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    Speculations Is Shaka dead?

    In my dreams Apparently even machines don't die in one piece anymore