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    Powers & Abilities What is the coolest named attack in series?

    Ursus Shock, Rhino Schneider, Death Enjambre and the Rokushiki in general are my personal favorites.
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    General & Others General Anime Thread

    One Piece Episodes 1072 - 1075 Staff and Titles:
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    General & Others General Anime Thread

    He also posted a drawing of Law, it could be just coincidence or he's maybe working on the law vs Blackbeard adaptation.
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    General & Others General Anime Thread

    From @YonkouProd One Piece 1044-1046 Titles: Ep.1044: Clutch! A Demon Incarnate, Robin! Ep.1045: Cursed! Kid and Zoro's Looming Threat! RECAP ON THE 25TH BREAK ON JANUARY 1ST Ep.1046: A High-Stakes Battle! Both Wings Take the Field! One Piece Episodes 1044 - 1046 Staff: Ep.1044: Episode...
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    One Piece Magazine Vol. 15 (on sale 8th August 2022)

    Hoping to see more devil fruit designs :pepemwai:
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    One Piece Episode 1022 - No Regrets - Luffy and Boss, a Master-Disciple Bond

    Glad Tu Yong Ce animated the Marco fight scene instead of Grandpa Hyo, that scene was nuts and was like 2 entire minutes.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers Discussion

    DAMN Ryokugyu is ruthless. He sounded like such a chill guy in the Reverie arc:josad:
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    The baiting Room

    They only categorized her as female after her vivre card databook, before the databook her gender was "neutral" in the wiki.
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    The baiting Room

    Only 100 million increase for defeating Doffy was way too low. Maybe it was because the credit for the defeat was shared with Law.
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    General & Others General Anime Thread

    From @YonkouProd One Piece 1010 - 1013 Episode Titles: Ep.1010: "Eliminate the Ice Oni - Chopper's Fire Trick!" Ep.1011: "I Don't Care!! The Spider Who Invited Sanji" Ep.1012: "A Reversal of Fortune! Marco The Phoenix's Flame" Ep.1013: "Yamato's Past - The Man After The Head of an Emperor"...
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    General & Others General Anime Thread

    On time 0:19 you can see Brook heating Chopper with a torch while the latter make an announcement: In the manga that only happened after Zoro stole the antidote:
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    General & Others General Anime Thread 997 will be 1010 partially at least. The title alludes to Chopper's plan and Chopper only reveals his plan after Zoro steals the antidote from Apoo.
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    News Jump Festa 2022

    It was already moribund.
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    About the Marco line, the official brazilian portuguese translation too translated it as Izou being the one injured: "Por que tenho que deixar um ferido... voar comigo-yoi, Izou...?!!" = "Why should i allow a hurt person... to fly with me-yoi, Izou...?!!"