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    General & Others A huge Yonko War Arc with a crew worth of Zoan users, yet none is awakened.

    I think that zoan awakening is useless bc the beast consumes you. In luffy's case its different bc he has the human fruit.
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    One Piece Chapter 1046: Raizo

    Luffy is rubber so he can endure lighting and thanks to the awakening he can control it too(as it seems). He didnt summon it. It was already there, possibly bc of kaido. How does anyone ever learns to use anything in one piece?
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    General & Others Questons you'd ask Oda in the SBS

    I would ask him: "do you feel in charge?"
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler Discussion

    Who the heck cares about raizo? His design is ridiculous, his power doesnt make any sense, as a character he is forgettable to say the least. Oda whyyy, why isnt he dead yet? Why do we have to keep looking at his idiotic face after 4 years.
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    Powers & Abilities What happened to Mythical Zoans being rarer than logias?

    Pica and magellan were never supposed to be logia. Dude its one piece, anything can happen without any actual explanation. Teach for example can eat two devil fruits and doesnt sleep, luffy's teeth grow back just by drinking milk etc.... There are 11 logias. You forgot smoker. Wano arc is a...
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    One Piece Chapter 1045: Next Level

    Boring chapter
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    Questions & Mysteries Overall How do you feel about Gear 5?

    I love it, but definitely need to see more first.
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    Questions & Mysteries Nika was as much of a "God" as the Lunarian's and Celestial Dragons are.

    Maybe. Although we have never seen a phoenix or an eastern dragon so its more like they are never seen bc they dont actually exist. Wouldnt that make them ancient and not mythical?
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    Questions & Mysteries Nika was as much of a "God" as the Lunarian's and Celestial Dragons are.

    Problem is we know nothing about devil fruits. We dont even know how they are made. Is there a devil fruit tree? Are they man made or the aftermath of an ancient curse? No one knows. The very presense of mythical fruits also is an even bigger mystery. How can a mythical ability exist if mythical...
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    Questions & Mysteries So why didn’t the WG catch Luffy sooner?

    Ok i really dont wanna be mean but i swear, so many people in this forum have bad comprehension skills. The answer to your question is in chapter 1037. The gorosei thought of the nika fruit as a mere myth. So they werent even sure if this mythical fruit was real or not. Why to hunt sth that its...
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    General & Others The mind of a fanboy is hilarious

    I realy dont get your point?
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    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    Some interesting facts about the chapter: 1) Luffy cannot only expand without limitations but can affect things he touches too. 2) zoans have a will on the own, now we know why drake loses all the time.:milaugh: 3) nika fruit have been implied for ages. From oda's hito hito no mi interview to...
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    I dont get why some people are so concerned about op. It is what it is meaning readable. You read the story for the story and you should not be upset if sth doesnt go they way you want. Chill!
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    Are you for or against immigration?

    I think you are refering to capitalism but immigration had been existed since forever. The thing you said its true but there are many other reasons why immigrations are happening. There are love immigrants for example and many others. Also your premise suggests that a nation cant become great...