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    Controversial Top 5 Things i dont like about Egghead

    This basically. And i am sure we are gonna see lots of these kind of plot holes later in the saga as well. Doesnt make sense bc he never used adv coc. If he did, fight would be over much earlier. Yet worst thing about Egghead is Luffy's need to eat just to regain his nika form every single...
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    Character Discussion Oda's failure with Kaido

    As someone said before, kaido is boring, he isnt unique like shanks or whitebeard, just a brute with not much depth. Being a towering overmuscular man with tiny legs makes him look ridiculous as well. Its obvious that his design and character were created by oda very late in the story and he...
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    Character Discussion For the so called "World's Strongest Creature and Pirate" it seems like not that many cared about Kaido's defeat

    No surprise. Kaido was nowhere near as influential as whitebeard was. Everything he achieved was due to his pure strength but as a pirate he was mediocre. Spent most of his life in an isolated island almost unknown to the average outsider. In fact in terns of piracy kaido was easily the least...
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    Chapter Discussion Luffy needs a prosthetic wing because one of them is broken.

    What makes katakuri's defence broken isnt his future sight but the combination of both future sight and his mochi powers. Kaido would never one shot him simply bc katakuri would just turn himself into mochi before kaido could land a hit on him. Luffy is solid unlike katakuri who is basically a...
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    One Piece Chapter 1118 - Be Free

    Cant put more than 1 star to this shit. Only 11 pages just to get a nika copycat. Almost as shitty as when kakashi used susano in the final war. Why? Just bc oda wants to expand his target group to little girls(not even full grown women). Create the one piece barbie just to sell a few toys...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers Discussion

    Who cares about bonney. She is minor unimportant kid. No room for two nikas. Lets get to Elbaf already.
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    General & Others Which Arc Post Timeskip has the LOWEST LOWS?

    Wano had the highest highs and the lowest lows. Kaido not killing any of the scabbards especially when he headshotted kinemon. Otamas very existence. Oda off screening luffy's second defeat. L drake. Ass pull power ups for the "good guys". Shanks no reason visit in wano..... Too many to count.
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    One Piece 1117:Mo-

    I think drake's post wano ptsd demeanor implies he ll abandon the marines and smoker will probably take his place as the captain. Seems his interaction with cp0 amplified his disgust towards the goverment. Am i also the only one who thinks that the "don grieg guy" doesnt really look like don...
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    Character Discussion Why Hancock Is Weak

    He inflates them every so and then just for the hype. Started with Jack intro of course, then with the ultimate chapter and lastly with hancock and croc. I dont think many people care anymore.
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    Character Discussion Why Hancock Is Weak

    Honestly only warlords who should have billion bounties are mihawk, wano Law(around 2 bil should be fine), thriller bark kuma and maybe Doffy. I personaly dont give a shit anymore bc they mean nothing since oda decided every high tier to be in over a billion range.
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    General & Others Pirate Warriors 5 Workshop Discussion

    55 characters would be ideal. All pirates warriors 4 original characters minus vinsmokes, carrot, bartolomeo and tashigi. And they should add drake, killer, oden, garp, greenbull, saturn, who s who, sasaki, queen, king, magellan, enel, gastino, kuma, yamato, kaku, monet and bellamy. All with...
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    Chap 1111: Sun Shield

    It seems, gorosei' lethality pales compared to the 3rd division commander of the cross guild Galdino san.
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    Break Week How old were you when you realized that Oda's "health breaks" were just an excuse to work on the live action

    One piece wont end in our lifetime. The same man who is complaining about his workload, is the same man who does everything he can to prolong the series. Its a freaking comedy at this point. He can at least accept some assistants just for one piece to end before 2030.
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    Powers & Abilities Gorosei didn't used awakening yet

    This theory is similar to the "kaido is an actual dragon who ate the ogre fruit" one that was very widespread 5 years ago. It would be very interesting if that was the case but i just dont see it happening. Why would they have hybrid and full beast forms if they arent devil fruit users. I...
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    One Piece Chapter 1110; "THE PLANETS/ STARS DESCEND"

    So basically Nusjuro is everything Orochi should be