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    Questions & Mysteries Which SH is still virgin?

    Usopp and Chopper are the only sure virgins, the rest got laid at least once Luffy could be virgin too but iirc was implied that Hancock fucked him during the TS in some SBS That would be Luffy best feat no cap
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    Powers & Abilities King is as physically strong if not stronger than Big Mom

    Nah man this thread is Two Piece just as much as Prime Stealthblack threads are King = PK is one of the wildest takes I readed on this forum lmao, genuinely gave me the vibes of the "Killer wasn't nerfed" days :fujilaugh:
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    Powers & Abilities King is as physically strong if not stronger than Big Mom

    Pretty sure PK + Queen would have destroyed Marco in 5 seconds :milaugh: 1631972426 Oi @ReggieZoldyck21 read the posts above please :catpole:
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    Powers & Abilities King is as physically strong if not stronger than Big Mom

    This is the kind of mental gymnastic expected from Fen, not from you Blo What's the next attempt? Trying to explain why Kata > Linlin, Vergo > Doffy or Sabo > Dragon? :catsure:
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    Speculations The 1% man Hawkins was talking about is....

    Options are Luffy, Kidd, Law, Drake. Kaido at most, but if his chances really were 1% Hawkins would have changed side already. Killer is confirmed 8% and Zoro has weak connections with Hawkins. Drake is far fetched too tbh, since Hawkins told to Drake "that man", meaning he wasn't in the room.
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Orochi have his way with Hiyori?

    Well Doffy had his way with Violet :catpole: 1631801821 I think the Doffy - Violet situation was a lil different, meaning that Violet was actually affected by Doffy charm and Doffy did leverage on that. A tossic mindgame but still one in which Violet was actually engaged. In Orochi's case that...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who has the Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) Fruit?

    Drake's Allosaurus is just an attempt from Oda to not be to much mainstream (giving him T-Rex) but if you look at his full Zoan form, that resembles much more a T-Rex rather than an Allosaurus (check that on Google). So, if you are looking for a T-Rex in One Piece, look at Drake.
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    Break Week One piece theories in 2005

    Dude: Whitebeard bounty will be between 340.000.000 and Whitebeard: Laughs in
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    Questions & Mysteries Apart from the Luffy / Law alliance what other alliance could have worked well in the worst generation?

    Luffy - Kidd is obvious, constant beef would result on each of them trying ti best the other. High chances to achieve great successes but also high chances to die for a stupid reason (they're dumbasses lol). Basically, they would be a good team meaning that they would destroy everything trying...
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    Anime & Manga I have nightmares that Doflamingo will return with AdCoC and be yonko tier

    Doffy reading the news post Wano be like:
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Waiting Room

    Chapter is acceptable, I guess
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    Powers & Abilities Charlotte Linlin is unbeatable

    Nothing wrong in going down against Eustass Kidd and Trafalgar Law. Expected, actually, Linlin hype won't be affected by this :goyea:
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    Speculations What would be sweet commanders bounty if they would be in the beast crew?

    Katakuri ---> 1.357.000.000 Smoothie ---> Cracker ---> 960.000.000
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    Fanclub Eustass "Captain" Kid FC

    @Pantheos do something for this fella please :goyea:
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    Where do you come from?