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    Powers & Abilities Chinjao confirmed that Admirals all have Conqueror Haki

    Admiral fanboys always manage to force rivalry with the Yonkou, don't they? It's being the same when Luffy demonstrated CoA that destroys internally, they kept saying that the Admirals certainly have, and they never demonstrated, they used the emission Haki, one level below the most powerful...
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    Powers & Abilities Is Asura CoC ?

    I believe that Zoro for being a potential CoC user, he managed to master cursed swords, and cin and consequently extract its full potential, thus using Asura. Watch this OneworldHD video (please come back 🥺). He explains in detail about the curse of the blades:
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    Speculations Blackbeard pirate hype up fights

    Kizaru was sent to protect or take the ancestral weapon to the Marines. BB vs Kizaru. "Even light cannot escape darkness."
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    Character Discussion Blackbeard

    [CITAÇÃO = "Erkan12, post: 1210548, membro: 69"] Espero que ele derrote os marines e pegue o que quiser, enquanto Luffy derrota Kaido, porque Luffy e Teach não devem ser parados até que se encontrem no topo. Ambos têm taxa de crescimento semelhante. Embora eu prefira que o seu fim esteja nas...
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    Speculations Fujitora DF?

    Here do you think Fuji was referring to "testing Law and Doffy capabilities" or Fuji was referring to "testing your own gravity powers"? would the latter perhaps imply that he received his DF after becoming Admiral? What do you think?
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    Theory The Final Zoro Eye Theory

    The pirates of real life in the past closed their eyes with eye patches so that when they went to "assault" the boats in the dark, they ended up opening their eyes so they could see in the dark (since their covered eye would be used to the dark). So Zoro may be getting ready to use some skill...
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    Break Week One piece chapter 1000 is just too much hype

    Wait a minute ... Brazilian rap is good
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    Future Events Where will the final battle for Wano happen ?

    Onigashima, Oda has been preparing this location as the ultimate challenge of the alliance, and they are doing a great job to infiltrate
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    Speculations Will Kaidou use the hybrid form in Onigashima?

    Marco did not use his hybrid form. The hybrid form is like a "mixture" between human and animal forms. Marco used his "partial" transformation, where the user can transform certain parts of his body into complete parts of the animal, Lucci used has already used this transformation, and Marco...
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    Speculations Will Kaidou use the hybrid form in Onigashima?

    But all Zoans can transform entire parts of their bodies, Lucci could do with his Common Zoan too. I would honestly find it disappointing that mythological Zoan have no hybrid form. We saw that hybrid graduation is the strongest, so why would they be taken out of the mythological Zoan? it would...
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    Speculations Will Kaidou use the hybrid form in Onigashima?

    Do you think Kaidou will use the hybrid form during the Onigashima war? Remembering that we still saw a hybrid form of the mysthical Zoan, since Marco only transforms parts of his body into complete parts of the Phoenix (partial transformation), he does not use the human and Phoenix form at the...
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    Speculations Does Katakuri have advanced CoA?

    This point was originally raised by YouTuber BDA Law, and I want to know your opinion. I just still don't understand why old Hyogoro has advanced Haki, and Katakuri wouldn't have, since Kata has a Yonkou by his side who probably trained him, and she must care about that since Kata is her...