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    Speculations Will Mars come back before the end of the arc?

    No.. he's the only threat once the crew is far away from Egghead. Oda will not have him return anytime soon
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Admiral goes down in Elbaf ?

    Non, the navy needs to have some level of threat until the big battle against the World Governement where they'll get mid diff'd.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1120 Spoilers Discussion

    Interested in knowing the ability that the Robot will use, could it possibly delay the Gorosei long enough? :quest:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1120 Spoilers Discussion

    Atlas suicide bombing Nusjuro to stall for time and clover being a D is interesting. Okayish chapter so far, need the full summary.
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    General & Others Characters that fail to make you laugh ?

    Kinemon back in Punk Hazard, he had some funny moments in Wano.
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    Break Week Strongest Man

    Why would it refer to anyone other than Whitebeard, come on.
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    Break Week Are you guys really into that goofy ass nika shit?

    Only thing I dislike is when Oda over uses the eye gag. This is a Zoro Piece forum, are you really that oblivious?
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    Powers & Abilities Guessing the remaining Supreme Grade

    I told yall to wank Fujitora and not a fodder like Kizaru @nik87 @Herrera95
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    Chapter Discussion In Defense of Sanjino

    Take a rest from Worstgen and agenda as a whole. Gag moments like aren't meant to be taken seriously.