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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1049: The World you wish for

    damn, bros. it has happened... so Kaido's imprisonments were all at a young age and he did it on purpose. did all his 7 defeats happen in that situation? Can we now say Luffy is the strongest person in the world?
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    Questions & Mysteries Zoro vs Mihawk's clash will divide Grandline?

    it will divide the whole fuckin world, making way for the sequence Two Piece
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    Chapter Discussion Oda is good at writing lore but weak at fighting panels

    damn, I love how Oda draws fights. He has a nice way of drawing impact. But... to each their own
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    Future Events Kaido joins the war against WG?

    nah, I'm not talking about Kaido joining the strawhats. Just that he would rain death to the gorosei in the final war. Anyway, Luffy can be pretty forgiving
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    Future Events Kaido joins the war against WG?

    someday, yeah. but not now 1648226417 :kailaugh: I'm a Zoro fan aswell, but cmon... He is not gonna kill Kaido
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    Future Events Kaido joins the war against WG?

    The gorosei seemed worried that they had angered Kaido. Could this be the foreshadow of Kaido playing a part in the final war? I doubt he will die now. Luffy doesn't kill anyone. And besides, I think it would be pretty cool a scene were the gorosei are cornered by Kaido
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    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    I know nika chosen one is the hot topic, but something else also got me thinking. The Gorosei seemed worried that they angered Kaido. Could this be somewhat a foreshadow that Kaido win join the fight agaisnt the WG?
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    Break Week How do you come to terms with the fact that you have wasted your life reading this series?

    I'm pretty fucking sad with the chosen one plot, but I don't consider my time wasted and I'll still follow One Piece like a maniac, because Luffy was never the reason I started reading One Piece in the first place. What got me hooked was the world building and characters like Whitebeard, Kaido...
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    so Luffy is giving gear 4th one last go... at first it seems like that's it. But what if it means there's an upgrade incoming?
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    General & Others Which crew has the best Yonkou Commanders??

    Shanks probably. But from the ones we know already, I would give the edge to the Whitebeard pirates. As for Beast pirates vs Big Mom pirates: King vs Katakuri - I believe Katakuri would win. He is smart and would be able to figure out King's weakness Queen vs Smoothie - ???? Jack vs Cracker -...
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    Break Week Luffy vs Akainu makes no sense

    that is not actually what I think. I think Akainu is strong as fuck. I was making a point based on the op's perspective of a scenario where Akainu is not at Luffy's level.
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    Break Week Luffy vs Akainu makes no sense

    if Luffy fights Akainu, it won't happen because he thinks it's a challenge, but because Luffy wants to kick his ass. So if Akainu is not at his level, well... boo-hoo, he is just gonna get wiped
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    Speculations Bet thread - Katakuri and Luffy will tag team Big Mom in Elbaf

    I don't think Katakuri would fight Big Mom. I believe the furthest he would go, betrayal wise, is refusing to fight Luffy if ordered to. Besides, I don't think Luffy would need help.
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    for me, the most impressive thing in this chapter was Law holding on while getting punched by Big Mom's haki fist
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    Questions & Mysteries What is the fruit gorosei was talking about?...

    it could be Yamato's fruit. She is the only strong character that isn't known outside of Wano and has a rare fruit