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    Powers & Abilities Will Zoro surpass Roger in power?

    The essence of shonen? I don't know a single shonen where the MC (or one of his friends) ended the story being the strongest: Naruto, Bleach, FT, KHR, ... And, IMO, Zoro won't be stronger than Roger. At best (very best) he can be close to him.
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    Questions & Mysteries 995 chapters in and we only know 3 of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, isn't that worrying?

    According to Tashigi, all supreme (or best swords) are in the hands of pirates and bounty hunters.
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    Mihawk vs Kaido and Big Mom

    xDDDD. You really are a bad troll.
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    Speculations Hot take: The Gorosei will be >= the Admirals

    The Gorosei will be killed by Akainu in the final war when he discovers that they have been talking with Shanks xdd
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    Nami best waifu

    Nami best waifu
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    Questions & Mysteries Why the revolutionary army isn't hyped powerlevel wise/ appears weak?

    Hancock described Dragon as a "demon" so I doubt she will join them.
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    Questions & Mysteries Roronoa Zoro vs Yonko and Oda's protection

    Gifters are stronger than Kaido and BM, my friend. Everyone knows that. :kata: