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    General & Others Oda admits everything before now was filler

    He's simply stating to readers discouraged by the length of One Piece (common problem), that it's fine to start reading at the final saga point - as that's when the actual groundbreaking lore and "One Piece" (the title of the story) will be revealed. Many people know One Piece and perhaps are...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why doesn't Luffy have a scar from this

    Very true. The scar below his eye served to show his tenacity and determination to venture into the world of pirates. The big scar on his chest serves as a reminder of his failure and shows that he cannot afford to be weak/stay weak. It also sets up tension for his eventual battle against...
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji not on roof piece biggest mistake that ruined the manga

    Realistically, what could that version of Sanji had done? Maybe with the raid suit he could take some hits for the team and served as a distraction due to invisibility - but that's really the extent. Definitely isn't doing anything much damage-wise, at that point. Oda was better off giving him...
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    Break Week Should Oda get a longer break?

    I think the problem is that, Oda is not good at dragging out arcs. The best arc post timeskip for me was Zou as it was concise yet still packed a punch. He encountered the same problem with Dressrosa, not just Wano.
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    Powers & Abilities Sanji's timeskip training was a WASTE

    Even if he didn't, which he did multiple times: That argument is still invalid as Sanji confirmed he toughens up his leg using his exoskeleton and armament haki, in order to withstand Ifrit Jambe's heat potency
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    bro u stole my pfp 😭

    bro u stole my pfp 😭
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do not Kid or Law try to get poneglyf ?

    They've been relegated to Luffy's cheerleaders a long time ago. None of them are actually a threat to the PK title. Luffy's only serious pirate King contender is Teach.
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    General & Others Luffy Vs Kaido, Rate The Fight on a scale of 1-10

    What do you expect from him? He's a warmonger. His life and ambition revolves around violence and conflict for the fun of it. It's kinda refreshing just to see a character without a sob, tearjerking backstory
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    General & Others Hottest one piece man

    Now, that a think about it, Cavendish reminds me of Griffith from Beserk.
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    General & Others Hottest one piece man

    Where's ma boy Duval :beckmoji:
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    Character Discussion Will Zoro ever surpass Luffy in anything?

    This Wealth, Fame, Power = Nami, Luffy, Zoro head cannon has always been bullshit to me. Roger became the Pirate King by virtue of acquiring all these things. By saying Nami = Wealth and Zoro = Power would be undermining Luffy's achievement as pirate King and making him seem inferior to Roger...
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    Powers & Abilities Which characters definitely have COC but aren’t confirmed yet?

    Dragon, Akainu, Garp, Sabo, Blackbeard and possibly Shiryu
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    Powers & Abilities Sanji wouldve won without Ifrit Jambe

    You need help man.... Not even 24 hours after Christmas and you're already hopping back on Sanji's dick... :seriously:
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    Its been a while since i've seen you around man, how you doing these days?

    Its been a while since i've seen you around man, how you doing these days?
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    Break Week Teh hypocricy of Aokiji..

    Aokiji literally left the marines for other reasons ... he didnt betray shit. Besides his intentions by allying with the Blackbeard pirates are still unclear, its not like he joined them for fun or something.