1. S

    Theory Loved Queen? He s coming back in Vegapunk arc

    While all beast pirates will get captured by marines, queen is the only one that will get away because he can turn invisible and sanji also kicked him away from onigashima The MADS, vegapunk, judge, queen, ceasar clown will reunite in vegapunk arc
  2. S

    Theory Shanks is strongest in the world but will lose in 3vs1

    Shanks is WSM but he will lose to ... Blackbeard that is working with aokiji and kidd that will show up too. Bb+aokiji+kidd vs shanks Aokiji will catch him by surprise and turn him into ice statue and bb with his quake punch and kidd with his electromagnetic cannon will smash the statue into...
  3. Sanji D Goat

    Break Week Luffy bend Kaido's club?!

    Welcome to my first thread of 2022 Lmao. So one of my friend @D.Querna show this to me in the 1037 chapter discussion thread. As you can see, Luffy using CoC coating on his left hand to block Kaido's club swing. Then in the next panel, we see Luffy using G3 on his leg and about to strike...
  4. Sanji D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Monster Trio is not real or Sanji got kicked out of M3?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Not only Monster Trio is canon, the portrayal of it is immensely shown throughout the series. First it was confirmed by Nami in Thriller Bark. And second was Caribou in Fishman Island. Now, Oda likes to put Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in the same panel A LOT...
  5. Cinera

    Current Events [MYTH] Luffy Did not Need Zoro to Save Him From Boro Breath Because He Could Tank it Just Fine

    Acknowledgements This originated as a response to @OPKnK. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction There seems to be a pervasive belief that Zoro intervening to rescue Luffy from...
  6. Cinera

    Current Events Zoro and Luffy are Built Different

    Acknowledgements This is an expansion of a reply to @Gyro1987 in another thread. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction Zoro and Luffy have been the only Supernova that have been...
  7. Sanji D Goat

    For anybody that is still confused about Advanced Armament Haki/Ryou.

    Hello Worstgen, today I will explained about how Armament Haki works and differentiate the stages of Armament Haki/Ryou in case y'all are still confused about how it works. So there are many different levels of Ryou. We can see that Luffy is trying to use Armament Haki and what he is trying to...
  8. G

    Current Events Zoro Carrying Luffy throughout the Raid. Oda Implying Equality?

    Zoro's timeskip training was for the purpose of being strong enough to protect his captain (Luffy). Oda has hammered this point in the Onigashima raid. Zoro has literally and figuratively been carrying Luffy throughout the Raid. He has been protecting him every step of the way. Some examples...
  9. Mochiman

    Character Discussion Which SN impressed you the most and which one disappointed you?

    Since their introduction until now, which SN has proven to be a better character than you thought back in Sabaody and which one has disappointed or failed to meet your expectations? Personally, Bege is the SN that has changed my opinion the most. At the beginning, Kid, Law, Hawkins or Drake...
  10. Bogard

    Powers & Abilities Luffy's evolution on his way to defeat Kaido

    As the title says, i decided to focus this topic around Luffy's evolution on his way to defeat Kaido. To start talking about it, i'd first make a resume of Luffy's technique evolutions from his base, gear2, gear3 and gear4 that we most probably already know, but still be interesting to point...
  11. Gol D. Roger

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers Discussion

    |One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers Discussion| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is for discussing "One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers". The thread "One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers Summaries and Images" is where you can find summaries...
  12. Bogard

    Speculations Who will defeat Big Mom?

    As the title says, i decided to focus this topic around the question of who will defeat Big Mom, which i think is an important question to ask. Now there are 2 opinions going around right now - Big Mom will be defeated in Elbaf - Big Mom will be defeated in Wano I'd give my opinion though...