naruto>>>one piece

  1. lee33

    General & Others At what point does "inspiration" become close to "ripping off"?

    Wano and Skypeia backstory were basically a copy of, "Plato's, Atlantis". WCI theme was basically, "Alice in Wonderland". Ancient weapons are based off Greek mythology stories. G5 is from Tom & Jerry. Joy Boy from west Africa story. Many examples like this. It is fine to look for inspiration...
  2. Pooth

    General & Others You do not realise how much depth the characters in Naruto have until you rewatch/read

    Undoubtedly Naruto is the best manga/anime of all time. It's character growth is unparalleled. No other series has managed to execute it BETTER than Naruto. Naruto has the best anti heroes in Itachi. Naruto has the best anti villains in Pain/Nagato. Naruto has the best mentor like figures of any...