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After wano, luffy be Like:

Luffy: this is Yamato and he will be the vice captain.

Sanji, Zoro, jimbei: but what about us?!

Luffy: is Any of You the son of a yonkou?

Luffy: I didn't think so.

sanji: I'm technically the son in law of a yonkou, does that count.

luffy: :seriously:

zoro: but what about me, we Have Been together for the longest, we are basically maried, your first nakama.

luffy: bitch plecase, I took You to the roof to introduce You to the yonkous and they put You in a bodybag, You where the fuckin Tutankhamon's mummy. Minks had to come up with some bullshit, magical healing shit to put you back on your feet. While yamato was fighting kaidou 1vs1 for the entire time You took your nap.
How about you go and touch some grass rather than making these unfunny threads?
Zoro doesn't care about petty shit like Vice Captain

He will say " Its ok luffy , even I was the one who killed kaido, the least I can do is let you choose vice captain"
I kind of like how assertive Yamato is. Aside from Luffy she doesnt take shit from anyone.
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By definition Usopp is the Vice captain. I wouod even be move to say that the crew would respect him in that position because they all respect him very much.

Luffy Zoro and nami all were moved by his bravery in his introduction arc, enough so that they dexided to fight with hik against kuro which was a tough ordeal. Futhermore Usopp created the weapon that made nami a capable fighter for the last 20 years of the manga. Franky has respect for Usopp but probably feels his two weak. Robin of course has love for the man that snuck on the train to save her even though he got under her robe... in that incident.

Though like i said hes probably too weak but Usopp did say if Luffy failed to do his duties he wouod act as captain and luffy agreed. Thats pretty much the end of the argument. To push the argument foward Luffy was legit defeated by Lucchi and stepped in to fufill his promise. Though the speech he gave luffy motivated hin to win. A win nobody ever mentions

Other canidates wouod be Zoro and Sanji. Sanji has allready fufilled a vice captain position by handling the big mom pirates with permission from luffy and taking half the crew sailing. Nami brooke and Nami had absolutely no objection to following Sanjis orderswhich says alot. Zoro onnthe otherhand is veey powerful and has been mistaken by many people as the captain. Though he wouldnt make a good captain as he has no sense of direction and spends most of his time asleep or training. I think certain members like jenbe or franky might object to follow Zoro and specifically Sanji wouod fight him over it.

Though Usopp Sanji and Zoro are the ones that walked on arlong park with Luffy making them the most strawhat and most senior. Usopp is too weak and Zoro isnt rrally a leader so i think the most viable person for the job is Sanji.

I think jenbe and Yamato are too new and not rewlly Luffy like. Though needless to say for the other Strawhats to follow somebody that person has to be highly regarded and Sanji and Usopp fit that role the best. Oh yeah I forgot Usopp was originally created to be the firstmate so I think that is pretty telling in itself.
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