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Hello, members of Worstgen, we bring you to this thread in order to make known the death of one of our members. Most of you are already aware of this but to those who don't, @BossYimz has recently passed away unexpectedly. Here is the post from his brother to inform us of this tragedy:
Hello to all
This is BossYimz's little brother
it is with a heavy heart I report that the great BossYimz (Real name Naph) passed away this past Friday 16 April 2021 at 11:40am
He was 26.he was a great man, a great brother, a great son and a manga lover 4L

He became ill last week Saturday(symptoms like Corona) he just had a bad cough. I took him to the hospital on Monday results came back negative for Rona, but the doctor saw there was something up in his lungs, we got a bunch of medication and a ventilator. From Monday till Thursday he told us he was feeling better. Friday morning I left for school as usual and said goodbye, Not knowing it would be the last. He told my dad he had trouble breathing, soo my dad took him to the hospital as they got near the hospital his breathing got really bad, my dad rushed and got him to the emergency area, medics arrived and the second they put him on the hospital bed Naphs heart stopped beating. He lived a good life and I can confirm he was really happy these past few years

If you have anything to say about BossYimz your more than welcome too...

Sadly this shall be the last post from the mighty BossYimz this is BossYimz junior I hereby sign-out for my Brother.
yeti cool brothers!!!
I did not personally know BossYimz but I had come to know him as a modest and intelligent user. The staff collectively wishes our condolences to his family. To lose a brother and son is a different level of pain that cannot be summed up with words.

Rest in Peace, BossYimz.
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