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Even though I never really interacted much with BossYimz during his time here,I remember him pretty well from his posts and yeah he was a pretty chill And intelligent user.

We never know when or where our last time comes but it is really painful to read what happened to him through his brother,hope he is happy in his afterlife.

Farewell BossYimz,Great son,Great brother and great user.
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i wasn't acquainted at all with the brother , didn't know who he is, was he good or bad, humble or arrogant,richest of hearts or the bleakest of ashes, but i do know that he's just a memory now... A "once upon a time" in this transient life has been finally given that decisive period to its last ferment sentences.

Let this be a lesson for us, that our death is like an arbitrary trap it springs when it needs to.. so be the best of yourself... don't live this life to the fullest...but live it in the most ideal of mannerisms and meaning to it.. indeed that should be ample to sate your satisfactions.

Deep condolences to the family and Jr. may allah grant them strong will and patience

I'll leave this at a high note.. a verse from Quran:"Every self will taste death. You will be paid your wages in full on the Day of Rising. Anyone who is distanced from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, has triumphed. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of delusion," (3:185)
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