Announcement A Loss In Our Community

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Oshi hunter
Rest in peace fellow One Piece fan! And my sincerst condolences to his family!

It is another reminder to how fragile humans can be and how we just know each other from the internet as community. We just see it infront of our eyes how much movement is involved inside this community. A good reminder that we are all together in another boat and thus we should always at any times cherish our community and each other. Ya never know when it's the last time you see someone in this daring times of internet and human ailment.

Don't forget it peeps and with that memorize the names of the lost ones so you can also memorize the things that are important and still here. I hope the afterlife is full of enlightment and I hope the journey of life and death, the journey of One Piece won't end there.

Rise high BossYimz even tho we never met or chatted I suppose...


Akira Mado
To be honest, Like I already said, it's terrifying to see that he was still posting somedays ago his death. I cannot imagine not finishing One Piece. It's so sad he did not finish the manga. There is a lot of One Piece fans who died before the end and there will be others(let's be realistic).

I'm speaking not only to BossYimz, but to all the One Piece fans who have passed away :

Rest in peace. A day, I hope we all meet again in a single crew, sailing on an magnificent sea and living endless adventures.
Rest In Piece fellow Manga reader.
Shall your soul reach Jesus Christ and God mercy and escape the infernal reincarnation cycle.

Your print in this Earth already last forever, you can forget about earthly troubles.

BossYimz, shall you pass eazy to the next life.

Condolences to the Family. Shall his memory bring Joy and not Sadness.

Gargaly - Gargo
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