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Bakazuki Bakainu

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I didn't know them but I hope they are in a better place now, 26 is too young to die by far. Such an unfortunate tragedy and loss. RIP and hope their loved ones and friends and such will be ok eventually after such a heavy loss.

In the spirit of One Piece, their will lives on through us and I am also reminded of a certain heartfelt, poignant speech on this matter too:


Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Even if we get heated with each other on a regular basis, every single life is precious, and every soul is as valuable and worthy of being nurtured as the rest. I mourn for his family and friends who have lost something irreplaceable, for those in this community who enjoyed his presence, and for BossYimz himself who left with so much unfinished business...26 is still a kid, man, there was more for him to see and do in this world. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s found nothing but peace.


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Hello, members of Worstgen, we bring you to this thread in order to make known the death of one of our members. Most of you are already aware of this but to those who don't, @BossYimz has recently passed away unexpectedly. Here is the post from his brother to inform us of this tragedy:

I did not personally know BossYimz but I had come to know him as a modest and intelligent user. The staff collectively wishes our condolences to his family. To lose a brother and son is a different level of pain that cannot be summed up with words.

Rest in Peace, BossYimz.
Rest in peace Boss🙏

You will forever remember as hard-core zoro fanboy and a good guy.

Your Will of B. will live forever 🙏🙏
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