Alive Giriko vs Tesra

Who will win ?

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They were both killed in one move by the same Zaraki. ( Before the last arc. )
Giriko is lively and has fullbring abilities.

Giriko Kutsuzawa

Tesra Lindocruz

Who will win ?
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No bleach fans here?
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Lazy is the way
I will vote for Tersa.

He blocked Sado finisher (left arm) wth minimal effort in base, can fire cero, can use sonido etc. And he didn't seem that bad with a sword.

and his hulk form didn't have much feat except kicking a tired/injured Ichigo

Giriko had the luxury to be stomp by a stronger Kenpachi but he has no fighting feat and was also insta stomped.

I think Tersa was much of a fighter than Giriko