Break Week Are you disappointed with the admirals?

Are you disappointed with the admirals?

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Garp has not fought Rayleigh. He knows not how much he declined.

You mean the time where Rayleigh admitted his reputation saved the day and that he bluffed?
Yes, when BB abandoned his goal because of Rayleigh, compared to Kizaru who continued anyway.

Did you think that Rayleigh’s statement means that he became that much weaker that one could even consider him below Marco? That’s quite the suggestion…
I do not care how weak Rayleigh got.
Fact remains we do not know how strong he is compared to others.
We do know. He’s stronger than the likes of mere Commanders. Blackbeard already had an overwhelming victory against the likes of Marco, so Rayleigh is beyond such comparisons.

Unless you think him that much weaker than his middle years, it makes no sense to even entertain the idea that he’s weaker than Marco.
Which means nothing since Rayleigh never fought Blackbeard.

We have no clue if he got weaker or by how much.
It means that Blackbeard considered Rayleigh too tough an opponent to engage with, but he no problems engaging Marco even when he was weaker.
Someone you aren’t even willing to fight > someone you beat up overwhelmingly

We know he got weaker, but certainly not to the point that mere Commanders are stronger than him. The caliber of person he was being compared to was Whitebeard.