Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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It's just a joke, which everyone should get because Lance doesn't randomly pm people to give hints, he posts them here. Also the kibi dango hint made the joke even more obvious. And I still specified I was joking to make sure he knew. Nobody complained about it so quoting a barely noticed message that was posted 3 hours ago to call me an ass wasn't necessary. If you care about not generating confusion, surely you care about not generating unwanted tension as well. Have a nice day.
Not funny. . .
If Hawkins really goes down in this chapter, and that’s all he does for the arc, I don’t get why Oda didn’t just have Law kill Hawkins off in Act 2. Hawkins’ character has amounted to nothing but being minor filler, first in Act 2 with his Law subplot, and now in Onigashima with his only purpose being to give Killer something to do while Kid and Law fight BM