Is this out of ur ass ? Prometheus also is immune to fire and got hurt by Marco's special fire

This is straight bs to support ur claim
Pretty sure we'll have to wait before we get to see the extent of the lunerians fire

What sanji said about his fire being stronger than any other because of his passion, likely applies to king too, it'd be weird otherwise
It does matter if you want to throw out what Katakuri himself viewed as an unfair advantage as a reason to why a fair fight between Luffy vs Katakuri would go down differently.
Luffy was drugged+stabbed, Katakuri was just stabbed, so Katakuri didn't properly even that up anyway.
Katakuri's personal view on the matter are just that, HIS opinions. Luffy had no problems in getting help from others in most of his post TS fights so does that mean him defeating Doffy "doesnt count"? And yes the fight would go down differently if Flampe didnt interfere, but that doesnt mean that it would end in Luffy's favor since until this moment he was getting no consistent hits on Katakuri, it was only after Kata dropped his spear and injuried himself that the fight began to be more equal so as far as we know Luffy would be more likely to lose if Flampe didnt interfere