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Light D Lamperouge

๐•ธ๐–š๐–˜๐–™'๐–›๐–Š ๐•ญ๐–Š๐–Š๐–“ ๐–† ๐•ฏ๐–Š๐–†๐–‰๐–‘๐–ž ๐•ฎ๐–†๐–˜๐–Š

In this round in this thread we will have 4 characters, which means 2 fights.


Jamie Lannister
Jaime Lannister was introduced to us as a disloyal, dishonorable, and treasonous murderer.
He was well known by the derogatory titles "Kingslayer" and "Oath breaker" as he
killed the Mad King, who he swore on his life to protect.

Jaime initially holds true to his reputation, with his attempted murder of bran stark, his battle with Ned stark, and his incestous relationship with Cersei.

However, itโ€™s not until season 3 where things begin to change for Jaime's character. On the way to being escorted to Kingโ€™s Landing by Brienne of Tarth, the two are captured by a small force of Bolton soldiers. Itโ€™s here that Jaime begins to show compassion towards Brienne, warning her that the Boltonโ€™s will rape her that evening. Jaime turns out to be correct as the Bolton's
do drag out Brienne to the bushes to gang rape her. Jamie disgusted by this,
lies to the Bolton's to save her and they back down. However Jaime runs
his mouth too much, which results in the Bolton's chopping off his hand. This is where we really see Jaime broken, knowing his best weapon, his sword, is forever neutralized.
Upon Jaime and Brienneโ€™s arrival at Harrenhal, we finally see Jaime really opening up. We learn that he stabbed the Mad King in the back because he was ordered to kill his own father, and then burn the entire city, and itโ€™s inhabitants to the ground with wildfire. Jamie had two choices, either keep your vows to the king and commit mass murder
break your vows and save the people and your family.
And he choose the latter, knowing he would be forever mocked by the realm, hence
the title "Kingslayer".
Later, weโ€™re shown yet another one of Jaimeโ€™s character traits: his love for his little brother, Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion, born a dwarf, is hated by the rest of the family; including Cersei.
When Tyrion is accused of killing Joffrey by Cersei, Jaime repeatedly pleads with his family on behalf of his brother but is turned away every time. When Tyrion's execution date is set, Jaime is fed up with his family and breaks his brother out of prison.
As Tyrion would later admit, Jaime was the only one to have ever loved
In the beginning of the series, he was arrogant, smug, disloyal and immoral but towards the end he was humble, righteous, brave and honorable.


Gambit from XMen
Remy Etienne LeBeau, better known as Gambit.

Seeing that hes been on the entire morality spectrum, Gambit definitely has the best character development of all time. End of story.

Young Remy through no fault of his own started off life on the wrong side of the tracks.
He was kidnapped at birth and raised as a membr of New Orleans Thieves Guild. Raised by thieves who called him "Le Diable Blanc", the white devil due to his red eyes, he was seen as the prophetic child who would end the feud the Thieves Guild had with the rival Assassins Guild.

His already rocky start, went even further south when he and his cousin were assigned the mission of stealing from the immortal Candra in a right of passage when Candra caught he and his cousin and during their escape his cousin Etienne drowned.

Gambit then took a job from Mr. Sinister in disguise to locate the Weopan X diaries, but upon finding them he burned them to keep them from Mr. Sinister, to the dismay of the guild. In an effort to reconcile, he was arranged to be wed with the grand daughter of the Head of the Assassins Guild Bella Donn Bourdreax

Unfortunately her brother who was upset at this challenged Gambit to duel and was killed, thus resulting in Gambit being banned from his home of New Orleans.

This is were Gambits lowest moment before he starts to change his morality meter. Gambit not being able to control his powers had a portion of his brain stem removed by Mr. Sinister. After a time travel mission he had it put back in by Mr. S and as payment became a mercenary. Gambit was the leader of a group of mercenaries that were ordered to slaughter the Morlocks, a group of mutants that were easy to identify as mutants that lived in the New York subway. This moment is were we see a man who has done almost every despicable act imaginable in a moment of righteousness, saves a child from the massacre.

He then encounters a Storm possessed by Shadowking and he saves her thus gaining entrance into the Xmen. Not all of his teammates trust him which is what leads to his scuffle with Wolverine that results in the infamous "Bang, you dead"
After being a great friend, teammate and mentor, Gambits dark secret about the massacre was discovered. This caused a rift with the rest of the X-men who then abandoned him in Antarctica. He survived and eventually ran into the X-men again and was taken back in.

Again what makes Gambits character development the best is that he started bad and on his way to righteousness he stumbled many times and was still able to pull himself back up and beyond. He was mistaken as the traitor of the xmen because with a past so checkered, why not? He was made a horsemen of death by Apocalypse in an attempt to infiltrate his army that backfired. Luckily he was able to retain his memories and eventually was able to return to normal but this is a character who has been an outcast, a villain, a pariah, a murder, a liar, a thief, a savior, a mentor, a leader, and a hero, there hasn't been a character he hasn't lived as and experienced.


Very easy for the other X-men to not trust him and through his personal growth he becomes apart of the family
and even an unlikely savior
Gambit Best Character Development Of All Time.


Thorfinn from Vinland saga
It is rare you will get to witness the journey of a character as good as Thorfinn from Vinland Saga has.



Thorfinn is son of Thors, legendary Viking warrior. Growing up Thorfinn always wanted to be like his father, to be a great warrior. His chance appeared when Thors was called to war, snucking on the ship Thorfinn joined his father as a mere child. Thors always preached to Thorfinn about peace and that a real warrior doesn't need a sword.

Sometime after their ship was ambushed by Askelad and his mercenaries. Thors fought them by himself and bested them, however he gave his life so that his friends may live. Thorfinn witnessing the murder of his father was consumed by anger and rage. He promised to kill Askelad by any means necessary.

His rage and anger consumed him so much he started working for Askelad just so that he can fight him in the future. Thorfinn committed dozen murders and led raids on many villages just to get a shot to fight Askelad. He didn't care how many people need to die in order to achieve his dream.

After meeting Canute we see first changes of Thorfinn. During his duel with Askelad he gained an upper hand only for askelad to use his rage and anger against Thorfin, calling him an idiot boy in the end that wasted his life chasing revenge, never understanding the words of his father.

When Askelad die at the hand of Canute Thorfin was sent into fit of rage, screaming at Askelad that he can't die because Thorfin is the one that needs to kill him.

With his goal taken from him Thorfinn was lost and confused. His life and story led him to the pivotal Farm Arc which i will not disclose here because spoilers and because no words i can write here give justice to that masterpiece of an arc.

In short Thorfinn realized the true words of his father how a true warrior doesn't need a sword. He turned his life around and dedicated his life to peace. He became a mere shadow of an angry little boy he was.

I HIGHLY suggest you read Vinland saga and join us in the journey of this great character.


Endeavour MHA
Endeavor character development :

- Endeavor is the best character in MHA by far and the one with the most character development.

Endeavor is complex : he is a hero and a great one. The guy is said to be the most efficient hero in Japan. He honed his skills so much that he is the best hero around and he likely saved tons and tons of people and arrested lots of villains.

But he was not the best. Endeavor grew up and lived in a world where All Might was a thing. Where All Might was everything. And it drove him crazy.

Endeavor had one ambition being the strongest. Only one fโ€™drive being the strongest.
And yet there was one hero he could never surpass whatever he tried, however he trained : All Migjt.

Endy trained relentlessly, like a mad man, no other heroes tried to be closer in strength to All Might. Everyone said : AM is too strong, letโ€™s dropped it, Endy answer : never.

But he failed. He became strong, mad strong but he failed.

He grew hateful and imagined some ways to surpass All Might. Children.

He paid a girl parents with an Ice quirk (super power) for them to give him their daughter to marry him.

He wanted a child with both fire and ice powers to surpass All might.

But the fate made his first born only had fire powers. Yet that child had great fire powers, even stronger than Endy. So he still had hoped and trained him. He even loved that child. But that child Touya has a weak body and couldnโ€™t handle his own fire. Si Endeavor discard him, stopped training him or even look at him.

He even decided to make other children to have the perfect child.

After 3 attempts he manges to have Shoto. His perfect creation.

Touya became mad and hateful toward that baby who replaced him into his father eyes. And tried to attack Shoto. Touya even continued to train secretly only to his father rage and warth against his wife for not caring after him. He even hit her once.

Soon after that Touya in despair trained too far and killed himself.

Endeavor was hurt, he still cared about his son even if he rejected him because of his weakness.

After that Endeavor who was mad toward strength became even madder. And Shoto became is sole reason to live, his sole purpose : making Shoto the number one.

Endeavor abuse toward his wife or Shoto became more frequent : he pushed young Shoto hard, hitting on him for training, isolating him from his weaker siblings, only the training,

His wife broke one day and send a hot pot of water on Shoto face because he reminded her his husband. Shoto was scarred for life. And her mother hospitalized for mental breakdown.

Shoto was now all alone with his father.

Fast forward : Endeavor made Shoto a strong quirk user.

But because grew hateful toward his father so he swore to not use his fire powers.

Endeavor was still the eternal number 2. Always the great hero publicly and the crazy guy inside.

He trained Shoto again and again. And Shoto decided to use that madness to learn from Endeavor ( because Endy was still a great and powerful hero).

But the turning point of his story was All Might retirement.

Endeavor without deserving it became number one, the first hero in Japan, his eternal dream finally came true.

Really ? Not really. Endeavor didnโ€™t want to became number one like that, he wanted to surpass All Might.

He had no choice than to accept. But being in All Might shoes isnโ€™t easy.

Being strong and the powerful number 2 was great but being number one, the new symbol of peace was overwhelming.

Endeavor even began to change and put his pride aside and asked his forever enemy (AM) some advices : how to be the number one ?

Endeavor slowly began to understand that being number 1 wasnโ€™t what he always imagined.
And he tried to change a little. To be what everyone wanted him to be.

Hood incident is where he truely embraced his role as number one. A monster attacked a city and Endeavor took him down after going all out in front of the public, and succeeding against that impossible odd and raising his fist in the air (justice pose) Endeavor became the true number one.

He would never be All Might it was impossible. AM was too strong, too much, but being the great Endeavor was already great.

All of that made him rรฉalise his former dream was shit and his behavior with his family.

He tried to apologize in his own way to Shoto, to be a real father again. But it was a long long way.

He even tried to be nice again to his other children.

But the road is still quite long and building the Brigdes again will take time. Their relationships was too much damaged,
He even started to see his wife again in hospital.

But he understood his children hate and distance toward him and decided to left home to left them alone.

Then the war happened and Endeavor was the lead hero to keep the society safe. Even if they won he failed too and even discovered Touya was still alive and now a big time villain.

He was devastated. Touya his first son he thought dead, was a villain and became like that because of him.

And Touya revealed to the whole world how much of a monster Endy was.

So after the war Endeavor was publicly ashamed and his name was sullied. He didnโ€™t manage to protect society and was a public abuser.

But in the hospital his wife came to see him, told him to man up, to rise again, that the Touya situation was their fault. And even if it will take time they can be a family again to save Touya.

And Endeavor managed to find the strength to overcome that blow and be a hero again.

Thรฉ soecity began to crumble and needed him and he needed to atone for his crime and sins.


Light D Lamperouge

๐•ธ๐–š๐–˜๐–™'๐–›๐–Š ๐•ญ๐–Š๐–Š๐–“ ๐–† ๐•ฏ๐–Š๐–†๐–‰๐–‘๐–ž ๐•ฎ๐–†๐–˜๐–Š
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