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Hm. I could imagine that his siblings could be one of the upcoming devil-possessed enemies- if it's not really dead.
A scribbled part on the family picture can mean a shit ton of things.

Tabata opened so many routes with that.
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his sibling is sillhouetted dude in diamond kingdom..


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it will make sense, because Clover, Heart, and Spade already had "Devil" in their kingdom
but we dont know anything about "Devil" in Diamond Kingdom.
He doesn't necessarily need to be Devil possessed.

Just betrayed the family and killed them and became so op as a Shining general.
2 powers while Nacht had only one at the time before the devil.


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my point is, all of the kingdom will related to "devil".
its weird when we seeing only 2 or 3 kingdom, but not with Diamond kingdom.
Maybe the one to ruin the Diamond Kingdom was actually a devil from behind the scenes.

This whole thing with exchanging kids for mana attributes and etc.


Tabata will nail it so I don't care that much.

But the question is: Would Nacht's brother betrayal destroy him mentally this hard that he would go as far as to contract with a devil?


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Yeah I also thought about this for a long time.

Which Kingdom Asta came from?

For me, the best candidates are Spade and Diamond.

Spade because of sacrificing mana for contracts and Kingdom because of what happened to Mars and Fana.


Pepebusi Spammer
Black Clover Chapter 266 spoilers translation.
Thanks to AshenAura.​

Julius: So, as for us, we will attack the Spade Kingdom in 3 days… What will you do for your part, Gaja?
Gaja: We will take part in the war, too. For our part, we will have the power of the elves.
In the name of HK’s prestige, we will take back the queen!
Gaja: Our country will provide what is needed to go on in this war (not sure here). Now, it depends on how the enemy will move next… Julius: I see. Be careful.

Gaja (inner): We will save you no matter what!
Chalotte (inner): We won’t let you die as it is… Wait for us... Yami! (I’d like to believe she said “wait for me” tho hehehe)


The Honoured One

Some next level spoliers tbh.

- Gaja pissed af
- Natch hype usual
- Missing sibling 😒?
- Zora and Magna. Finafuckally
- Asta's Devil and training.

- Charlotte

She's about to carry the manga in the absence of her partner, while following in his footsteps. The rise of a new 🐐 is here and she looks absolutely livid.


Let's gooo Tabata!!!

- One thing i will criticise is the similarity is the stituation between kurama and the AMD.

Just seen it done too many times before to call it hype.

It's decent but it is what it is. A staple shonen troupe. We should have seen it coming a mile away.

I will however start calling it bs if AMD becomes a willing partner to Asta.

Imagine this-
"You're not just a outcasted unloved Demon, you're friend of a citizen and future magic King of the Clover Kingdom, you're Astaroth"


Lmfao. Can't be having that

Stay evil my bro- AMD
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