Current Events BlackBeard in EggHead

Nobody ever mentions it, did everyone forget he’s on the island too?

Seems to me the incident is him taking out Saturn
Wrong. A lot of users here did mention it! Check some of the threads.

BB is an opportunist. The right moment hasn't shown up yet for him to make an entrance. Though how would he get here so fast? Many of his members were either in Hachinosu or fighting Law. Only 2 remain: Laffite and Devon.
Emperors uses small groups to fight each other as Law said, ''territorial clashes'', not full scale wars;

They usually don't attack each other by bringing their full powers, as even Kaido complained didn't want BM and her crew landing, or WB and his crew didn't attack Wano as well,

While some clowns think thats because they are scared each other, the reason why they don't do that because it will create a big battle and in the end another 3rd party who is waiting can gain something from it by ambushing them right after the battle is ended, as Marines Ryokugyu tried to do, or as Shanks thought Teach was going to attack them on Wano.

Thats why BB pirates works separately without their full power until the right moment where they strike with full crew:

- Burgess went to Dressrosa alone.
- Shiryu and Laffitte went to Dressrosa to pick Burgess.
- Teach brought only 2 commanders to attack Amazon Lily.
- Attacked 3 Billion Law and his crew only with Doc Q, Burgess, Augur.
- Aokiji and Augur kidnapped Pudding from Cake Island previously.

If its another 2 commanders team like Laffitte and Devon, their mission is probably kidnap someone or something from Egghead island, if Teach goes there it will be a big battle.
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It's very unlikely that he's on the island, it's only Laffitte and Devon.
Now, while I personally think Blackbeard is not at Egghead (probably just going back to Hachinosu imo) as long as we don't know the limits of Augur's warp fruit, it's entirely possible he can be teleported literally everywhere.