Episode Discussion Bleach Episode 8: The Shooting Star Project [Zero Mix]

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I think the episode does a great job starting off by continuing with the emotions from the previous episode. The sad and defeated tone that everyone had, Soi Fon getting very emotional and lashing out at everyone (last time she was an emotional wreck was when he got abandoned by Yoruichi), and Shunsui coming in to diffuse the situation was really good.

Then we start to see the tone start to shift a bit and we get to see a glimpse of a goat again, the legendary Kon. A man so strong that if they gave him a shinigami body, he would oneshot the Quncies the moment they showed up.

Now we see Squad Zero come in and Zoro's rival gets revealed.

The man who makes up for 90% of the Squad Zero's power, Oetsu making up 7%, and Senjumaru making up the last 3%.

Squad Zero is interesting, their VAs fit their roles, especially Tenjiro. Can't wait for more interactions with them.

Tenjiro telling Unohana that medical care isn't what she should be doing right now, she has another job that we will see soon :myman:

Senjumaru telling Mayuri that the division was less secure than when she was around implies that there was a division before the Gotei 13 since she was never part of the OG squad. It also seems like she knows Mayuri a bit more personally. That's something interesting to look at.

I also I like how they revealed that Isshin is Kukaku's uncle and Ichigo's cousin because apparently some people can't seem to read the manga, so they had to make sure people are spoonfed this information.

Also, the 3 Fullbringers, Ginjo, Tsukishima, and Giriko. They're dead and in the Soul Society, but they are definitely going to be involved here.

I think Senjumaru calling Aizen "evil" personified is hypocritical compared to what Ichibei and the Noble families did, but that's a different discussion you can get into.

The comedic scenes are alright imo, since the invasion has passed and it's the "training arc", so it kinda fits in these moments, but hopefully they take out more of that in the actual 2nd invasion.

Overall, it's a good episode, some things did get revealed too quickly and some things could've been expanded on, but I enjoyed it. The pacing is going to slow down now, so we can understand what's going on.

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I'll go with 3/5

Maybe 4 because of squad 0, Isshin, Kukaku and Grimmjow :steef:

Don't care about the fullbringer that much tbh :whitepress:
I really liked the Fullbringers personally, I think Ginjo was pretty cool, and Tsukishima is my cousin so I gotta side with him :milaugh:.

I think reading the novels gives a lot more context to Fullbringers and it makes me appreciate them a bit more, especially Ginjo who was framed as a traitor while he was the one that was betrayed.
Was a bit too rushed for me this episode. I know that’s a complaint that others have had throughout but this is the first time personally I’ve felt it.

Liked the atmosphere though, with the rain in the beginning and the blue sky of the royal realm.

Kenny time next week
I definitely agree that it felt rushed. That's why it was 4/5 for me, the contents were good, but it was too fast.
I actually liked how the reveal of ichigo being the cousin of ganju was handled as it's more vlewr and easy to understand.
I liked seeing all the old gang again hanataro,kukaku and grimmjow

It's revealed unohana got her healing from squad zero member which kinda adds greater connection to these new sets of character but narratively it just does not work as unohana's healing works by summoning a whale where this guy's works by bathing in hot springs
The first half had me turning up my brightness, lol. The color contrast was nice when Squad Zero showed up though.

I always liked this panel of Komamura, and I'm kind of bummed with how the anime did it. It just didn't have the same impact.

This is kind of dumb, but I think the sfx in Kurotsuchi's lab have been great. The sound of him typing on the keyboard, the weird pulsing of the broken zanpakto floating in the tank, and his earpiece alert are all nicely done and kind of weird in a futuristic way.

Why did they deny us this glorious image? They better give us some quality Kon-tent in the future!

The voices for Squad Zero were mostly how I imagined they would be, especially Kirinji. Really impressed with the voices for new characters so far-- there haven't been any that I thought were duds.

Kind of weird that they left out the reason Kukaku had to shoot them back into the sky, but whatevs. I was really surprised that they revealed who "uncle" was.

Senjumaru's voice is perfect, and I love the way she moves like she's floating. Did they cut out the infamous peach though?

Also, I recently found out that you can see all the eyecatchers here: https://bleach-anime.com/keyword/
It's in Japanese, but you can translate it in your browser. No new info, but I thought it was interesting.

I'm giving this episode a 4 just because I'm spoiled by the quality we've seen so far. Obviously, this was a setup episode, but it felt kind of rushed. The Soul King and Kenny at the end are hype. Can't wait for next week!
Great episode, I know Kubo sucks at world building but the kings palace is just disappointing to look at in both manga and anime. There is like nothing there to look at. I like the pacing personally, need more Kon moments. I swear I Kon is the best comedy relief out of the big three lmao.
The episode being a bit rushed was already mentioned by others, so that brings it down a notch
Still, we got to see Squad 0 finally and heir almost everyone's voices. As far as the VAs go my two minor complaints are:
- We didn't hear Ohetsu speak
- I expected Ichibe to have an older and deeper voice, something between Kyoraku's tone and Yama's age